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Christian Film News™ is a nonprofit ministry of Films for Christ®, founded in 1959. Films for Christ® is an independent, nondenominational Christian ministry. We also produce Christian Spotlight™ our very popular movie review site, Christian Answers and Guide2Games™.

We invite all Christian film producers to participate…

Mailing address:
CFN Editor
Films for Christ
PO Box 1167
Marysville WA 98270

Dear fellow Christian film/video producer,

To promote your upcoming releases, take advantage of our very popular Christian Answers Network™ Web ministry which receives over 2.6-million hits per day. Every day, great numbers of readers check our extremely popular, syndicated Christian Spotlight movies review. It includes film, DVD and television reviews, PLUS the LATEST “CHRISTIAN FILM NEWS.” Our reviews are also published in Christian newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

Not only is a great way for you to KEEP INFORMED, but it’s also wonderful for letting the Christian world know of YOUR latest Christian film or video productions. Readership is greater than most print media magazines.

And the best part is — it’s FREE!! No fees; no advertising space sold. We are a ministry-minded nonprofit, providing this free service because we are 100% convinced of the importance of Christian films/videos. This is not new for us; we are a ministry of Films for Christ (Eden Communications) that has produced and distributed Christian films worldwide since 1959.

The sweat and prayer you’ve put into your productions can often go unnoticed and under-appreciated due to financial limitations. If you are producing a worthwhile project, WE WANT TO HELP YOU. For NO COST, we will publish short news items about your company/organization, productions, and other relevant news. Did I mention it’s free (no strings attached)?


  • Learn More. Get acquainted with the Christian Film News site and visit often to stay informed. There are thousands of links to this section of our Web site, but the easiest direct access address is

  • Contact us and add Christian Film News to your PR list. Remember to contact us if you have anything new that you think we should promote. Our staff will consider all submissions for use in news. Be sure to add us to your PR contact mailing list. (We also publish interviews with actors, directors, producers and writers.)

  • Send a preview copy. Want to receive even more attention? You certainly will, if we publish a REVIEW of your production on Christian Spotlight… Our movie reviews are extremely popular and have helped generate interest in many past films and videos. Send us a preview copy for review consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Partial list of groups we have helped publicize so far…
ABC, Barefoot Road, Big Idea Productions, Christiano Film Group, Cloud Ten Pictures, Coral Ridge Ministries, Cornerstone Studios, Dark Sun Pictures, Double Edged Entertainment, The Dove Foundation, DRC Productions, 8X Entertainment, Epiphany Films/Crusader Entertainment, FaithTV, FamilyNet, Film the Bible, Highway Videos, Impact Entertainment, Jenkins Entertainment, The Jesus Film Project, Ken Wales, Kingdom Entertainment, Media World Television, Messenger Films, Movieguide, Namesake Entertainment, Norris Films, North American Mission Board, PAX TV, Pure Communications, Sky Angel, Testimony Pictures/Testimony Video Productions, Top Secret Productions, World Wide Pictures, Wycliffe Theater, WYSIWYG Networks

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