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The Second Coming of Christ (2017) film

Flawless Production Inc. (Tarzana, California) has released the first trailer for their upcoming action drama “The Second Coming of Christ.” The main protagonist is a female atheist scientist experiencing end events leading up to Christ’s return. Experienced cast members include Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Oscar® nominee Sally Kirkland (“JFK,” “Bruce Almighty”), Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”), Diana Angelson (“The Impaler,” “Armenia, My Love”), Quinton Aaron (“The Blind Side”), Natalie Burn (“Expendables 3”), Al Sapienza (“Sopranos,” “House of Cards”) and Meredith Salinger (“The Journey”). The poster pictured here includes the words “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made aliveCorinthians 15:22.” The film’s length is 1 hour and 32 minutes, and it is currently scheduled for release March 17, 2017, but a distributor has not yet been named.

Director/Writer Daniel Anghelcev reports,

The Second Coming of Christ revisits the fascinating and controversial decades-long debate about religion versus science; but with a timely, relevant and cautionary tale that incorporates the potential dangers of genetically modifying foods. There are multiple layers to this film that people can relate to with many surprises along the way.”

Co-writer and lead actress Diana Angelson stars as Dr. Beatrix Cera, a famous entomologist hired by New World Genetics Corporation, the leader in genetically engineered foods, to research the causes and effects of dying crops. Her findings indicate that after years of experimenting with food, nature has taken its toll and deadly mutations occurred within crops. The pollinators, mainly the honeybees, have spread these mutations to the entire plant kingdom, which means a slow, but total extinction.

Desperately trying to defy God by creating an “immortal gene” in bees, Beatrix finds herself in an urgent struggle between evil and good.

Another character in the film is Dr. John Zachary (Jason London), a former billionaire and Nobel Prize recipient for curing cancer, who has dedicated his life to help others by restoring their faith. It is his belief that “only through loving one another, people can have God forgive them and save the Earth, together.” He and Beatrix join to “fight for her dying daughter’s life… and all of mankind.”

We are not currently familiar with this producer or what their Christian background may be. This is Flawless Production’s 3rd feature film. Previous productions are “Armenia, My Love” (2016) and the horror movie “Dracula The Impaler” (2013). In development are a World War 2 drama and the biography of a Romanian priest.

The film’s first trailer can be viewed at Vimeo—

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