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Crown Awards 2016
International Christian Visual Media awarded the coveted Crown Awards to outstanding films and documentaries at the annual conference, June 22-25, 2016.

Filmed in Bosnia and based on a true story, “Sabina K.” took home three Gold Crown Awards, including Best Picture and Best International Film. “War Room” won Best Evangelistic.

Sabina K.” Director Cristobál Krusen accepted the award,

“Sabina is a Muslim woman in Bosnia, and the struggles she goes through are ultimately redeemed. We hope to reach people outside the walls of the church.”

Krusen talked about his first ICVM conference 26 years ago and the family ICVM has become.

Sabina K. poster

About the movie “Sabina K.”

“Sabina K.,” inspired by a true story, takes place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The “Sabina” of the title is a divorced mother of two small children who falls in love with Saša, an old friend from the Bosnian war. The two plan to marry, but things go terribly wrong when Saša mysteriously disappears.

A few weeks later, Sabina passes out on the job. She goes to the doctor and learns that she is pregnant. Her parents and friends counsel her to have an abortion and put the past behind her, but she refuses. As her pregnancy advances and winter approaches, Sabina loses her job and when her ex-husband tries to shake her down for money by threatening to take the children away permanently, she comes to a breaking point. Love has failed her, and she decides to take her life. She checks into a room at a hostel and begins swallowing pills, slipping into unconsciousness.

What happens next is subject to opinion… But one thing becomes clear. Sabina will never be the same.

Other Gold Crown winners include:
• “Providence
• “Beyond the Mask
• “Future of the Church” (documentary)
• “World War One Military Chaplains” (documentary)
• “Faith Happens” (series)
• “Heartfall” (short film)
• “Joseph: Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler” (children’s film)
• “Torchlighters: Robert Jermain Thomas” (children’s film)
• “WOW Moments” (comedy)

Filmmakers from across the U.S. and around the world gather each year to worship God, network, encourage one another and honor the excellent work of their colleagues. ICVM’s mission is to be a supportive Christian community for those involved in the production and distribution of visual media: Encouraging and networking to communicate Christ to the world.

Silver and Bronze Crown Award winners include:
• “Hearken – Our Voice”
• “Badge of Faith”
• “Until Forever”
• “Once We Were Slaves”
• “The Adventures of Ryan Defrates – Secret Agent”
• “Quakers: That of God in Everyone”
• “Find Me”
• “Flee From the Land of the North”
• “Hearken – Our Voice”
• “The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity”
• “Heavenbound”
• “I’m Not High Maintenance”

The 2016 President’s Award for Outstanding Service to ICVM was awarded to Dolf van de Vegte of Family7 of The Netherlands.

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