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“One Generation Away” is a fast-paced film that travels the United States (and Europe) in search of a deeper understanding of the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution’s First Amendment. From Hobby Lobby to the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego to wedding service providers in the Northwest, “One Generation Away” asks hard questions about the status of religious liberty in America today. The film includes leading voices on both sides of the issue. “One Generation Away” discovers that our “first freedom” religious liberty is one that demands attention at this critical point in American history.

In the wake of county clerk Kim Davis being jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Kentucky, the “One Generation Away” Film Tour is headed to The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky on September 15.

The “One Generation Away” Film Tour also includes screenings in Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, and Iowa in coming weeks. “One Generation Away,” which explores the changing face of religious liberty in America, recently won Best Documentary at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio and the 2015 ICVM Crown Awards in Orlando. The Film Tour includes a Question and Answer session with producer/director Ken Carpenter and special guests at each stop on the tour.

Ken Carpenter
Director Ken Carpenter says,

“With events such as Davis’ actions leading to her eventual arrest and jailing last week, we’re finding more and more that ONE GENERATION AWAY serves the purpose of ‘cueing up’ the conversation that needs to be had at this time. While a lot of the religious liberty issues out there are complicated—and there are no easy answers—people are realizing that the issues can’t be ignored.”

“One Generation Away” is a designed as a fast-paced film that travels the United States and Europe in search of a deeper understanding of the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution’s First Amendment. The film visits recent religious liberty hotspots, ranging from Hobby Lobby to wedding service providers (bakers and florists) in the Pacific Northwest. “One Generation Away” also includes leading voices on both sides of the issue, including Eric Metaxas, Tony Perkins, James McElroy (ACLU), Dan Barker (Freedom From Religion Foundation), and many more.

Ken Carpenter reports,

“The challenge before believers is to better discern what a rightful understanding of religious liberty should be, especially in the face of emerging cultural changes that appear to be in contrast to biblical teaching. It puts a lot of people in a great deal of conflict. Hopefully, ‘One Generation Away’ helps us steer toward seeing the issue of religious liberty more clearly.”

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About Ken Carpenter

Award-winning Producer/Director Ken Carpenter has been recognized for a wide variety of film, video, and television projects, ranging from dramas to documentaries to music videos. His work includes projects with Amy Grant, Newsboys, dcTalk, Casting Crowns, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Jeremy Camp, and numerous others. He’s done films for organizations including Focus on the Family, Tyndale Publishers, Compassion International, Big Idea, PAX TV, Joni and Friends, and many more. He is currently finishing “Last Best Summer Ever,” a feature film for EchoLight Studios.

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