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freedom2015-1The Christian film, “Freedom,” from Writer/Producer Tim Chey (RiverRain Productions), comes to select theaters this Friday, June 6, 2015 and Video on Demand through Time Warner. The film looks at two stories, one of them on the early life of John Newton, the former slave trader who wrote “Amazing Grace.” The film was directed by Peter Cousens (President and CEO of Production One Inc.) and Executive produced by Cuba Gooding, Jr., Peter Cousens, and Michael Goodin.

“I’m thrilled the audience will finally get another look at John Newton’s life,” says Chey. “His story is so profound that it’s actually saved many wretches. We’re all truly wretches without the blood of Christ.”

It reportedly took Chey 8 years to research and write the script and nine years to bring the project to the big screen. The film stars Cuba Gooding, Jr., William Sadler (President Ellis in “Iron Man 3”), and Sharon Leal. The production budget is estimated to be $14-million.

“I was thrilled when Cuba Gooding, Jr. signed on,” says Chey. “He was my first choice. He read the script and said, ‘I’m in.’”

Chey’s friend, Dean Cundey (“Jurassic Park,” “Back to the Future”) also shot the movie.

“The entire movie’s terrific look is because of one person: my friend Dean. He did a phenomenal job.”

Chey traveled from Fiji to Mississippi to Nova Scotia scouting locations. He chose Connecticut because of the natural beauty and Mystic Seaport.

“I picked Connecticut because of the tremendous historical significance,” says Chey. “We also filmed on the Amistad ship with Dean in a helicopter covering some truly epic moments.”

The film has the potential to reach over 50 million homes on Video on Demand (VOD) this Friday through Time-Warner, Charter, Comcast, iTunes, and many other on demand platforms. It will also be in select theaters nationwide through distributor ARC Entertainment (Santa Monica, CA).

A sweeping and ambitious musical film, “Freedom” blends two powerful, redemptive stories into the background of Gospel/blues songs. The movie’s official Web site asks viewers to join the road to freedom, saying,

Today, there are over 29 million of our borthers and sisters living under the tyranny of slavery. More than any other time in history. Commit to end slavery and human trafficking.

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