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The Lost Medallion poster artwork
Methinx Entertainment (Oregon) has released its first feature film, “The Lost Medallion,” in theaters nationwide (March 1, 2013). The film stars several familiar faces including Billy Unger (Disney), Sammi Hanratty, James Hong, Marc Dacascos (“Iron Chef,” “Hawaii Five-O”), and Alex Kendrick—Co-Producer and writer of “Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof,” and “Courageous.” The film is reportedly being well received. The film was shot in Thailand 3 years ago.

The action-packed film aims to entertain and inspire kids and parents alike. “The Lost Medallion” features themes of friendship, teamwork and good overcoming evil, all while teaching kids the truth of their tremendous value.

The film was written, directed and produced by bestselling author and owner of MeThinx Entertainment, Bill Muir (“The Crossing,” “Invisible Enemies”) and is based on a series of fictional novels of the same name, also written by Muir and released in 2011. A new version of the novel, co-written by New York Times bestselling author Alex Kendrick, is slated to hit shelves in conjunction with the theatrical release.

The story of “The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone” starts as Daniel Anderson (Kendrick) visits a foster home to drop off a donation and is quickly roped into telling the kids a story. Daniel tells the tale of Billy Stone (Billy Unger—“Lab Rats” on Disney XD, “American Treasure,” “You Again”) and Allie (Sammi Hanratti—“American Girl,” “A Christmas Carol”), two 13-year-old friends who uncover a long-lost medallion and accidentally wish themselves back in time.

In order for Billy to save Allie’s life, he must give up the lost medallion to the evil warlord, Cobra, (Dacascos) who rules the island and its people. Now, in order to retrieve the medallion and save the island people from slavery, Billy and Allie must work together with a young arrogant king (Jansen Panettiere—“The Perfect Game”), his best friend, and a wise old man (James Hong—“Kung Fu Panda,” “Chinatown,” “Blade Runner”). Together, this unlikely group will learn not only how to work together, but learn that when they do, great things can be accomplished.

Kendrick, known for his passion and work with Sherwood Pictures, became involved in “The Lost Medallion” to help make a significant impact on children’s lives.

“Our kids’ hearts are under attack from the deception of ‘destructive lies’ found in media and our culture and the words of ‘mean kids,’” says Kendrick. “This is a film that every family should see… twice.”

The Lost Medallion” was filmed primarily in Thailand with an all-star production team including cinematographer Brian Baugh (“The Ultimate Gift,” “To Save a Life”), as well as producers Kevin and Bobby Downes, owners of Downes Brothers Entertainment (“Like Dandelion Dust,” “The Visitation”), Mark Burman (“The Heart of Christmas,” “In the Blink of an Eye”), Michael Scott (“The Encounter,” “The Mark,” “Me Again”), and producer/editor Phillip Moses (of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Mist,” “Fantastic Four,” “Spider-Man 3”). Other producers include Jamie Muir, Wych Kaosayananda, and Executive Producer John Duke. MeThinx Entertainment has also brought on board Charlie and Suzette Schafer of Purpose Driven Sales to oversee the church and marketing efforts, theatrical release, TV and DVD distribution and licensing.

With a unique development plan in place for the release of the film, theaters for opening weekend are increasing through MeThinx Entertainment’s “Medallion Squads,” in various communities to determine which cities to select for release throughout the United States. Organizations and ministries across the nation such as Awana, GMC TV, Youth for Christ, Church Web Works, Equipping Kids and J12 are partnering with “The Lost Medallion” to bring high level awareness and support to this film.

MeThinx Entertainment LLC is a studio, production, distribution and publishing company based in Southern Oregon. The company was founded in 2008 by author and director Bill Muir and entrepreneur and philanthropist John Duke, two men who wanted to bring family entertainment to the big screen. MeThinx Entertainment’s vision is to produce family-oriented films that are especially attractive to children and teens while positively influencing the entire culture.

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