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John Lennon movie wins award

February 7th, 2013

Telly Award 2013 bronze“Genius,” the 34-minute movie about the life and death of John Lennon has won a 2013 Telly Award in the category of “TV programs.”

Ray Comfort, the movie’s producer, said,

“It is encouraging to be able to say that ‘Genius’ is an ‘award-winning’ movie because it instantly lifts its credibility. People are more likely to watch a DVD or view it on YouTube.”

In less than two months since its December 5th release has had more than 300,000 views. “Genius” looks closely at the death of the talented Beatle—particularly on why he was murdered. Comfort says,

“This documentary is extremely relevant nowadays because it exposes the common denominator in mass killers. Whenever there is a shooting, psychiatrists scramble to try and pinpoint the common denominator in the shooter. They give reasons such as ‘he was a loner,’ or ‘he had just lost his job,’ but they never put their finger on the one thing that all killers have in common. We want people to watch Genius and find out what it is.”

The movie is based on a book called, The Beatles, God and the Bible by Comfort, who is the best-selling author of more than 70 books. His previous movie has had more than 3.8 million YouTube views and is based on another book called, Hitler, God and the Bible, which was the first in a series published by World Net Daily. Comfort said that he wept his way through the Holocaust, but that he loved writing about the Beatles.

“Many books have been written about the world’s most famous rock group, but few people know about their spirituality. I never knew that John Lennon and Paul McCartney met at a church, or that in 1965 all four of the Beatles were atheists. But as they matured in their thinking, each one of them attained a measure of spirituality.”