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Secrets in the Snow DVD coverEvery New Day Pictures’ first production will be available in stores January 8, 2013. For a full description (or to post comments about the movie), go to our Christian Spotlight review site.

Producers John and Brittany Goodwin report:

The film was shot in 12 days, requiring top performances and strenuous days from the cast and crew. But they were more than capable and we were able to produce incredible footage with natural acting full of comedy and drama! We were blessed by so many people through the duration of the shoot, including the staff members of the two local schools and the beautiful church where we filmed and the hundreds of excited extras who made key scenes the best they could be!

A portion of the production funds were raised through, and a fan site was created on Facebook. Writer and director Brittany Goodwin says “every penny we had to spend came from donations from over 200 people! The cast, crew and our family and friends all promoted our online fundraising campaigns, exceeding the initial goals we had set.” The feature length film is being distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group of Rock Rapids, Iowa.

The mission of Every New Day Pictures (Raleigh, North Carolina) is “to create wholesome, quality, family friendly films for children and adults of all ages. Our projects are Faith-based, thought provoking and meant to inspire. You will never find language, violence, or questionable content in our films, and can trust the content that your children are watching.”

See our Christian Spotlight™ movie review of “Secrets In The Snow.”

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One Response to “Secrets in the Snow DVD release”

  1. Brittany Goodwin Says:

    Thank you for sharing this article about our film “Secrets in the Snow”! We are very excited to share it with the Christian film community.