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Genius movie, released December 2012

The new John Lennon themed movie, released to coincide with the 32nd anniversary of John Lennon’s tragic December 8th death, received more than 100,000 on-line views in just its first four days. The movie’s producer and Christian Answers® Team Member, Ray Comfort, said, “This is exceptional, because this isn’t a two-minute clip of grandma’s hair catching on fire. It’s a 34-minute commitment, but it’s so fascinating and fast-moving viewers can’t look away. This generation doesn’t go to the conventional sources for news and information. They are engrossed in their own world of Social Media—texting, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and if we want to reach them with the message of everlasting life we have to enter their world. That’s what we have done with this movie. ‘Genius’ is reaching a culture with the gospel through an effective medium; using a fascinating subject—the Beatles, who have crossed generations, selling more than 2.3 billion albums.”

Comfort (Living Waters) said that he wants to convince Christians that the movie has incredible potential to reach a Hell-bound world, and he wants them to view it, “like” it, comment on it, and push it through Facebook and Twitter. He maintains that this lifts the YouTube ratings, and so more people get to hear the gospel. “Genius” has been commended by many national Christian leaders, including John Piper, who so appreciated its potential to reach the lost, he tweeted it four times in four days.

The Los Angeles-based producer added, “In the past, missionaries have traveled to far countries with the message of the gospel—with great hardship and often with the loss of life. In contrast, we can reach millions instantly from the comfort of our homes by merely hitting the ‘send’ button on our computers, or with iPads, or phones. Romans chapter 10:15 asks, ‘How shall they preach unless they are sent?’ In this case ‘Genius’ can be the preacher and it can be ‘sent’ all over the world through this amazing medium.”

The movie was produced as a companion to a new book by Comfort, called, The Beatles, God, and the Bible (published by World Net Daily) and can be freely viewed on

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