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Blink of an Eye
Holyman Undercover
Sarah’s Choice

Featured latest Christian films and various celebrities

The first ever Greater Boston Christian Film Festival took place September 24th through October 1st, 2009, providing 8 days and nights of free public screenings. Celebrities who appeared at the event included Christian actor/producer David A.R. White, actress Andrea Logan White, Rebecca St. James (musician, author and actress), producer Michael Scott, director Chad Kapper, producer/director Joseph Nasser, and New England Patriots’ athlete Ben Watson.

10 movies were shown, including the world premier of the apocalyptic thriller “Blink of an Eye,” the world premier of “Sarah’s Choice,” the new comedy “Holyman Undercover,” “Saving God: One Soul at a Time,” “Fireproof,” “Facing the Giants,” “WWJD? The Movie,” “Beyond the Sky,” “VeggieTales Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella,” “The John Bunyan Story,” and “VeggieTales The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s.”

Blink of an Eye

The event was organized by Christian Film Festivals of America, Inc. (Tom Saab—President and film evangelist).

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