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Releases on September 11, 2009

Joel C. Rosenberg’s New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller, “Inside the Revolution” (Tyndale), will release as a thought-provoking documentary on DVD on September 11, 2009 and, in an unusual move, will premiere the same day on the Web. While traveling throughout the Middle East conducting research for Inside the Revolution, Rosenberg captured on camera hours of insightful interviews with leaders and officials from this volatile region. The DVD documentary also titled “Inside the Revolution” is produced by Rosenberg in conjunction with Solomon Productions of Albuquerque, New Mexico—the same team who created Rosenberg’s previously successful documentary “Epicenter.” Tyndale will release a companion study guide to both the “Inside the Revolution” book and film.

Shot in Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, the UK and Washington, DC, “Inside the Revolution, includes interviews with:

  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Former CIA Director Porter Goss
  • Former undersecretary of defense intelligence Lt.-Gen (ret.) Jerry Boykin
  • Ahmed Abbadi, Morocco’s former director of Islamic Affairs
  • Middle Eastern government officials, church leaders and many more

Three simultaneous revolutions

Rosenberg dramatically paints the picture that there are three simultaneous revolutions happening in the Middle East. The Jihadists capture the headlines, but Rosenberg makes the case that there are two additional powerful movements in the region that hold the potential to change not only the area but the world forever. Rosenberg calls these three factions: The Radicals, The Reformers and The Revivalists.

“Inside the Revolution” revisits the Iranian Revolution 30 years ago and takes a hard look at how the Carter administration completely underestimated this game-changing event. Rosenberg warns that our current government leaders are in danger of once again misjudging the fanatical ideology of the Iranian government. Recent protests over election fraud in Iran fuel further uncertainty about the unpredictable regime.

Rosenberg is a follower of Jesus Christ, a bestselling author and founder of the humanitarian aid organization The Joshua Fund. He believes,

“We are now at the most dangerous moment of the Islamic Revolution.”

Viewers will not only walk away with a clearer understanding of the history and people which have shaped the current Middle East, but also they will experience the revival taking place in the region. According to Rosenberg, over the last few decades more Muslims have converted from Islam to Christianity than any other time in history.

Shot in high definition, the “Inside the Revolution” DVD is 90 minutes in length, plus additional bonus interview footage. This voyage inside the Islamic world is ideal for personal viewing or with church or community groups. Inside the Revolution offers a challenging perspective on the forces that are battling to dominate the Middle East and change the world.

“The Inside the Revolution” Companion Study Guide offers more than 100 study questions, helpful excerpts and scripture references, and a workbook format with additional space for discussion notes. In this companion piece to the best-selling book and DVD, Rosenberg takes readers Inside the Revolution and answers the most pressing questions about Radical Islam and God’s work in the Muslim world.

Released in March 2009, the hardcover edition of Inside the Revolution spent 8 weeks on the New York Times hardcover Nonfiction Bestseller List and also appeared on bestseller lists for USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal, and Christian Booksellers Association. Rosenberg has authored five novels and two non-fiction bestsellers with nearly 2 million copies in print.

Webcast September 11, 2009

On Friday night, September 11, 2009, Joel C. Rosenberg and Lt.-General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, former commander of Delta Force, will host a national town hall meeting to discuss the threat of Radical Islam, the future of Israel, and the role of the Church in the Middle East.

They will show a 30-minute excerpt from the “Inside the Revolution” documentary film to an audience of some 2,500 in Philadelphia. They will then answer questions from the audience, and from viewers around the country and around the world. Their hope is that many churches will show the Webcast of the 2½ hour event in their auditoriums that Friday night (7:00 to 9:30pm ET).

Rosenberg explains,

“There are critical issues at stake, and they deserve thoughtful, serious responses. General Boykin’s prayer and my own is that pastors in hundreds of churches throughout North America will choose to set aside Friday, September 11 to show the webcast to their congregations as a catalyst for an ongoing conversation on these vital issues.”

For no fee, churches can connect to the high resolution broadband Webcast. To sign up, churches must register at Rosenberg wants to use this film to spark an international conversation about the threat of Radical Islam to the United States, Israel and Judeo Christian civilization and the churches responsibility in all this, including the responsibility to bless Israel.

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