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“Friends for Life,” a full length motion picture directed by Michael Spence and produced by Grizzly Adams Productions (GAP), won a gold REMI Award at the 2009 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, bringing to 21 the total awards won by this movie.

Grizzly Adams senior producer David W. Balsiger introduced the film at the festival and conducted a “question and answer” session following the screening. The screenplay was written by Joseph Meier and Charles E. Sellier, and produced by Grizzly Adams Productions in association with Flynn-Daines Productions.

Starring Michael Flynn, Tayva Patch, and Jimmy Chunga, “Friends for Life” tells the story of a retired big city attorney living in a small mountain town, who suffers loneliness after the death of his wife. One day in the woods near his home, he discovers four orphaned wolf pups who face certain death without his help. He takes in the pups and nurtures them until they are old enough to go back into the wild. Alone again, the retired lawyer becomes embroiled in helping the town fend off an unscrupulous land developer. Again out in the woods, he is attacked by a grizzly bear only to be saved by the reappearance of the wolves. His gift of life to the wolves is repaid and he has four loyal friends for life. Sellier, the film’s creator and supervising producer, notes,

“I think the main reason why this film is so very well received is its similarity to my original Grizzly Adams series. The very same values, morals, and compassion are instilled in this story—the same as the beloved James Capen Adams character that our fans grew up with. I am really pleased to be able to bring this special feeling back into their lives.”

David Balsiger points out,

“We’re in our fourth decade of producing movies and television shows. ‘Friends for Life’ has already become the most honored feature film in our history.”

WorldFest-Houston Film Festival

Founded in 1961, WorldFest-Houston is the third oldest film festival in North America and the oldest festival in the world dedicated solely to independent films. WorldFest does not accept entries from major studios.

The REMI Award, presented to the top entries in every category, was inspired by the creative genius of artist Frederick Remington. Remington is famous for his paintings and sculptures of cowboy life in Texas and The American West.

“Friends for Life” is available for worldwide broadcast licensing and DVD distribution.

Official site: Grizzly Adams Productions