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“House” movie poster. The Satanic pentagram is surrounded by the words, “The wages of sin is death.”

Namesake Entertainment’s latest release comes to U.S. theaters on November 7, 2008. Filmed in Lodz, Poland, this horror/thriller is an adaption of the Thomas Nelson book (2006) of the same name by Christian novelists and producers Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. Directed by Robby Henson (“Thre3e” and “The Visitation”), the screenplay was written by Rob Green with assistance from Peretti.

Budgeted at an estimated $2.5-million, the movie’s best known actors are Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill” Vol. 1 & 2, “Sin City”), Reynaldo Rosales (“She Hates Me,” “Homeland Security”), Heidi Dippold (“NCIS,” “Alias”, “The Sopranos”), Julie Ann Emery (“Hitch,” “Commander in Chief,” “ER”), and Bill Moseley (“The Devil’s Rejects,” “House of a 1000 Corpses”). Cinematography was supplied by the award-winning Polish photographer Marcin Koszalka. Principal photography was completed in the Summer of 2006.

“House” director Robby Henson regularly directs plays at Kentucky’s oldest outdoor theater in Danville, KY (his family’s Pioneer Playhouse)

Producer’s Synopsis: “When their car leaves them stranded on the side of a rural road, Jack and Stephanie Singleton seek refuge in an old bed-and-breakfast where they find another couple in the same situation. Soon, the four discover that the creepy owners of this old house know more about them than they should. Slowly, their darkest secrets and deepest fears begin to unfold around them. They try to escape, but a madman waits for them outside; he forces them back into the house and into his game. They have until dawn to give him one dead body.”

Originally slated for distribution by Twentieth Century Fox, “House” is instead being distributed theatrically in the U.S. by Roadside Attractions (Los Angeles) and will later be released on DVD by Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment. Producer Namesake Entertainment is located in Kentucky and is owned by Joe Goodman, Bobby Neutz (“Left Behind”) and Ralph Winter (“X-Men”). Founded to “to develop creative, purposeful and family appropriate entertainment products,” the company’s stated mission is “to provide quality properties for all audiences, from children to seniors, that are entertaining, non-offensive, uplifting and thought-provoking.” However, some Christian viewers may question whether this satanic-themed movie about evil fully delivers on those high standards. Despite repeated appeals, the MPAA rated “House” an “R for some violence and terror.”

Cover of the book, House, published by Thomas Nelson

Author Ted Dekker reports that the content of the movie isn’t substantially altered from the book,

“This is still essentially the same story from the book. It’s the story of four lost souls entering their own hell, mistaking their one hope of rescue as something evil, and in the end either living or dying.

But the marketing has changed. The message is now going out to the millions who would never be caught dead watching a movie like ‘Left Behind,’ no pun intended.

…I’ve been watching from a distance, powerless to influence the course of this movie. And I won’t lie, it’s been interesting watching everyone pull their hair out. Fact is, the movie just isn’t that terrifying. It has very little blood, less than a typical TV show. It has no foul language, maybe one ‘hell,’ but then the movie is about hell.”

For more details, see the movie review by one of our ChristianSpotlight™ contributors, Angela Bowman—she was very disappointed with it. “House” is not like any Christian film we’ve seen, but it does clearly represent the evil and depravity of man and Satan. We are waiting to see what reaction most secular critics will have. Only one is evident at this writing—MovieJungle’s Joanne Brokaw gave a positive review, calling it “a suspenseful psychological roller coaster ride” and emphasized, “I’m happy—thrilled, surprised, overjoyed—to tell you that ‘House’ is not like a Christian movie in any way.”

Hmm… Time will tell whether that is a good thing.

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