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Twelve episode series coming to shelves in Frys, Costco, Sam’s Club and other stores, reports Grizzly Adams Family Entertainment

Since the Bible was first printed in its entirety nearly five hundred years ago, it is estimated that six billion copies of the world’s bestselling book—The Holy Bible—have been sold. All or parts of the Bible have been translated into nearly 2,500 languages around the globe. Some of the Bible’s most fascinating and hotly debated stories are examined in a 12-episode DVD set released by Grizzly Adams® Productions.

David W. Balsiger, Grizzly Adams senior producer of the twelve one-hour television specials known as The Bible Collectors Series, notes,

“One of the intriguing aspects for me is that the Bible, its stories, its lessons, and its prophecies are still relevant today, three thousand five hundred years after the earliest parts of it were authored.”

Viewers will find Balsiger’s answers to questions like: The Bible is the most widely read and revered book in the history of the world, but who really wrote it? Is the story of Adam and Eve fact… or fiction? What are archaeologists, palaeontologists, biologists and theologians saying today? Is the recent increase in earthquake activity, disastrous flooding, escalating global tension and the ever-present threat of war a fulfillment of prophecy, or an amazing series of coincidences? Balsiger adds,

“We didn’t make this series to take the place of reading the Bible, we created each documentary to help viewers better understand portions of the Bible that they may particularly find intriguing or challenging.”

Although the Bible has been the principal religious document for a third of the world’s population for hundreds of years, critics and skeptics question many of the historical and scientific claims made in the collection of books. Darwin, for example, proposed a popular alternate theory to explain the origin of the first humans. An ark housing two of every animal and floodwaters covering the earth has been attacked as a fable. God speaking to Moses and leading him through the desert for 40 years to the “Promised Land” has been doubted. Each of these questions is addressed by separate episodes of The Biblical Collector Series.

Charles E. Sellier, president of Grizzly Adams Productions, observes,

“With every generation it seems Bible stories and teachings are disputed by philosophers, scientists, and scholars. Yet, year after year, the Bible outsells every other book ever published by six times. The Bible has to be extraordinary to withstand a continual onslaught for centuries while retaining its popularity.”

Each volume examines key questions about topics like the authenticity of the Bible, its historical accuracy, the fulfilment of its prophecies, and much more. The series analyzes major biblical topics, from Adam and Eve and Old Testament mysteries, to catastrophic natural disasters and their ties to Bible prophecies.

The Biblical Collectors Series, which retails for $12.95 for each of the 12 DVDs, is presented in contemporary TV docu-drama style. The titles in the series include: Biblical Adam & Eve; Biblical Armageddon; Biblical Authors; Biblical End Times; Biblical Old Testament Mysteries; Biblical Prophecies; Biblical Rapture; Biblical Women; Biblical Early Years of Jesus; Lost Biblical Treasures; Moses – Man of God;and Noah’s Ark and the Biblical Flood.

Grizzly Adams’ Balsiger reports,

“At the retail level, it is by far our most successful product both in sales and exposure to the public. …The Biblical Collectors Series is now being sold at many of the largest retail outlets in the United States including Costco, Barnes and Noble, and Fry’s Electronics, as well as Kroger and other large grocery chains. It is also available in many Christian retail outlets such as, Christian Family Stores, and in national catalog offerings including Publishers Clearing House.”

“For the 2008 Christmas season the Sam’s Club, subsidiary retail giant, Wal-Mart will offer Set #3 of the series in approximately 400 stores. Sam’s Club has shown a lot of confidence in the series. The proof of that is in the fact that they have given it shelf space in the fourth quarter, traditionally the most competitive time of year for DVD products.”

Grizzly Adams Productions, named after its long-running NBC Network TV series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, produces network “Sweeps” TV specials and series for the iNetwork (formerly the PAX-TV Network) and major cable channels.

The DVDs are packaged individually or in three-episode sets. Each of the programs is approximately 50 minutes in length. They are all digitally mastered with digital Surround Sound 5.1 Audio. There are a total of twelve episodes in The Biblical Collector Series. Each program is sold individually or in packages of three episodes.

  1. BIBLICAL WOMEN: Was Mary Magdalene a Saint or Sinner, and Was There a Miracle at Fatima? For 2000 years, there has been an ongoing curiosity about the role Mary Magdalene played among the disciples of Jesus. This documentary focuses on this remarkable woman of the New Testament. The show also examines the miracle at Fatima. Available individually and included in Set #1. UPC 6-66907-11533-1 ISBN 1-933424-16-8 DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  2. BIBLICAL PROPHECIES: Are Ancient Prophecies Today’s Reality? This program considers the fact that about 2,000 of the approximately 2,500 prophecies that appear in the Bible have been fulfilled. It considers the possibility that the remaining 500 will occur in the very near future. Available individually and included in Set #1. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  3. BIBLICAL OLD TESTAMENT MYSTERIES: Did God Destroy Sodom, and Gomorrah, and The Tower of Babel? Using recent archaeological discoveries, this documentary explores whether God actually used fire and brimstone to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah at the southern end of the Dead Sea. Available individually and included in Set #1. UPC 6-66907-11513-3 DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  4. MOSES – MAN OF GOD: Did Moses Part the Red Sea? One of the key figures in the Bible is Moses. This documentary investigates historic and scientific evidence to determine whether he actually lived in Egypt, spoke with God, and led His people to the “Promised Land.” Available individually and included in Set #2. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  5. BIBLICAL ADAM AND EVE:Have We Found the Garden of Eden? The most controversial story in the Bible, the creation of the first man and first woman, has stirred debate for hundreds of years. Using scientific inquiry, this television special differentiates fact from theory. Available individually and included in Set #2. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  6. THE BIBLICAL RAPTURE: Will We Be Left Behind? Many Bible scholars believe the Bible foretells of “The Rapture”-a momentous event that will separate the faithful from the unbelievers. This program probes the period that people project will precede the “Second Coming of Christ.” Available individually and included in Set #2. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  7. BIBLICAL AUTHORS: Who Actually Wrote the Bible? Debate has raged for centuries about who actually wrote the most popular book of all time. This documentary examines historical, archaeological, and theological evidence of the inspiration and accuracy of the Bible. Available individually and included in Set #3. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  8. THE EARLY YEARS OF JESUS: Where Was Jesus During the Lost Years? The majority of people on planet Earth know that a man called Jesus Christ was born in a stable 2000 years ago. What is not well known is where and how he grew up. This program looks at traditions of Jesus’ life prior to His public ministry. Available individually and included in Set #3. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  9. BIBLICAL ARMAGEDDON: Was the Six Day War the Real Start of Armageddon? Against all odds, the tiny nation of Israel earned a decisive military victory during the 1967 Six-Day War. This television special analyzes whether the outcome of that dramatically brief conflict is actually foretold in the Bible. Available individually and included in Set #3. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  10. LOST BIBLICAL TREASURES: Has the Holy Grail Been Found? For centuries the Holy Grail, believed to be a relic of the Last Supper of Christ, has captured the world’s imagination. This television special investigates the powerful allure of this legendary artifact and the quest to uncover it. Available individually and included in Set #4. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  11. BIBLICAL END TIMES: Are End Time Warnings True? The Bible warns of a vast array of cataclysmic disasters in the last days. This television special studies whether recent events are part of an apocalypse that will destroy most of the world in fulfillment of End Times prophecy. Available individually and included in Set #4. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95
  12. NOAH’S ARK & THE BIBLICAL FLOOD: Was There a Global Flood and Has Noah’s Ark Been Found? Nearly 200 ancient cultures reference a global flood. This documentary examines claims by some scientists that the biblical flood story can account for all of the world’s geographic and geologic anomalies. Available individually and included in Set #4. DVD $12.95 / 3-Pak Series $34.95