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The Arts Alliance America (New York) will be distributing Faith Films’ newest production “Sunday School Musical,” with a DVD release date of October 21st, 2008. The film is about two competing groups of high school students getting together and entering a song and dance competition in order to save their church’s youth center from closing. Emily Johnson of Arts Alliance America reports,

“The movie is a strong inspirational tale that exemplifies good morals through exciting and catchy musical numbers.”

The direct-to-DVD musical includes 21 songs, featuring 7 originals, which are composed by Don Raymond. “Sunday School Musical” is 90 minutes long and is directed by Rachel Goldenberg, with cinematography by Gabriel Diniz. The cast includes Mark Hengst, Candise Lakota, Dustin Fitzsimons, and Cecile del Rosario. The film’s trailer is currently showing on YouTube –

Previous productions from Faith Films include “2012: Doomsday” (2008) and “The Apocalypse” (2007).

The DVD will be available at and

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7 Responses to “Sunday School Musical DVD scheduled for October 2008 release”

  1. Brabham Says:

    This movie was well produced – with the limited finances that most christian films usually have. I have many comments about this film, that I’ll just keep to myself, but the most disturbing thing is that it is not pointing anyone towards God. It points you to a bubble gum bubble. One of the prayers is “God make this bubble take away my trouble”. At first I thought it was just an error or something, but then they repeated this same comment about a bubble taking away trouble at a climatic moment in the show. Other thing is – what in the world is a ‘fortune cookie’ doing being taught at a christian school? Lastly – these children all seem to think that they are ‘grown’. There are many moments that they are talking to thier parents, teacher, preacher in a very disrespectful/selfish way …and although this is normal for many teenagers – it never gets addressed or resolved!! I just did not see how this film is leading anyone to christ! Or even showing these ‘good morals’. I have never seen teens having a little kissy kiss in the middle of a church sancturary.

  2. Madelyn Willis Says:

    Sir…………..My 8 year old granddaughter loves “Sunday School Musical”. It inspires and assist in teaching her christian morals. Please make more movies like this one. I even watch this one myself. Thanks!

  3. Susi Says:

    We watched this with the family. My 10 year old daughter loves high school musical, but when we saw this one, we just had to buy it. We all loved it. Keep up the great work in making more christian movies for our kids and us to watch and learn and grow!!

  4. Joseph Miller Says:

    High in morals, but low in everything else. Cinematography is poor, audio is laughable, and editing it sloppy at best. Twelve days to produce a feature length film is frankly poor planning and unmotivated effort to secure enough funding to produce a “main stream film” as Faith Films so expresses. Plot line was obviously unoriginal and pulls so heavily on High School Musical that its more a laughable spoof than an original Christian adaptation. Not only that, but the urban attitude and the concept of “save a church through music” is no different than Sister Act, as the lead character is simply a modern day, male whoopi goldberg. Just because this film is geared at a religious audience doesn’t mean that the audience has to accept poor production values and a horrible clash of High School Musical and Sister Act. This is a film that capitalizes on the success of High School Musical and ignorant and uninformed ultra-conservative parents looking for and even more conservative film than what disney studios produce. Yet another failed attempt to mainstream Christian cinema. Pointless and uninspiring cinematic upset.

  5. Kim, a teacher from San Diego Says:

    I am a 5/6th grade teacher in San Diego,Ca and also our school’s choir/music director. We loved Sunday School Musical! I showed it to my 4th-8th grade students, and they totally enjoyed it. We have just started a new choir, and we are going to try some of the songs in the musical. We are a public school, but many of my students are Christians, and were inspired by the message in the movie. Thank you for providing an alternative to High School Musical!

  6. an american in Europe Says:

    SSM was just released in Europe. What a great film! I think it is endearing that this film was not edited, sanitized and rehearsed to perfection. There is a certain homespun quality to it that more ‘formulaic’ films lack. God did not make any one of us perfect. I think the quest for perfection in every single thing is what is wrong with American society today. This film is good! Appreciate it! The actors and actresses are sincere with their efforts; and I applaud and thank everyone involved for providing sane and healthy entertainment for my children and students. I like the christian imagery and the way the kids are not embarrassed to wear their crosses. The songs are very catchy. Zach is great; and the song ‘Your not the boss’ is very cute. It does not bother me that this film is so similar to HSM. HSM has a proven track record in reaching the kids of this generation; and now kids are provided with a christian alternative. Messages like ‘be yourself’, ‘work together in spite of your differences’, ‘There is a divine Plan’, ‘God never gives us more than we can handle’ are all so important and are touched on in this film. If this film had been made with the only intent of winning people for the Lord, I highly doubt that a public school teacher would get away with showing this film in their class. I look forward to seeing SSM II. Best wishes to all and keep up the good work!

  7. Lori Says:

    Our 9 year old daughter LOVES this movie! She had it memorized quite quickly after Christmas, as she watched it over and over! She goes around singing the songs which blesses our hearts. I wanted something she would really enjoy but wouldn’t burden her heart with the things of this world. This movie hit the mark. I would highly recommend it to all parents of pre-teens and maybe teens too. When they’re outgrowing Veggie Tales, this is a good next step.