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This Fall Ehrenkrook Entertainment is releasing “Wait Your Turn,” an uplifting romantic comedy addressing the issues of dating, relationships, and abstinence facing Christians in America today—a welcome respite from the current mass media trends promoting promiscuity and harmful dating behaviors.

Kelly Hoelscher

This romantic comedy stars Kelly Hoelscher (Eve) and Josh Murray (Thad). “Wait Your Turn” explores the dynamics of life, love and dating from a uniquely Christian perspective. The interplay between Hoelscher and Murray is designed to draw in viewers with a realistic view of love and dating as Christians in America today. Hoelscher added,

“I was trying to experience the struggles that Eve went through as well as the joys. Love is such a scary, but a thrilling ride, and I was trying to experience that as she would.”

The storyline tries to strike a careful balance between the importance of this issue and a light-hearted approach that will draw in teens and young women who so desperately need to hear this message.

“During the productions I prayed that I could shed a light on their message and inspire the audience,” said Hoelscher.

In this love story, Eve (Hoelscher) is young, single and disappointed with the dating scene when a college friend (Murray) comes back into her life. But this man has broken her heart before. Can they overcome the past and learn to trust one another? In their second chance at love both must decide if the other is worth keeping.

Produced by DC-based Ehrenkrook Entertainment in association with the Fellowship of Christian Filmmakers, “Wait Your Turn” is currently in post-production and scheduled to begin screening in September 2008.

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