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This is a follow-up to our earlier articles Left Behind author LaHaye sues ‘Left Behind—The Movie’ producers” and ““Left Behind” earns award and sparks a lawsuit.”

Cloud Ten Pictures Inc., producers of the Left Behind series of Christian-thriller films, announced today that it has entered into a settlement agreement resolving the two lawsuits against it and co-producers on the “Left Behind” film series, Namesake Entertainment, filed by Timothy LaHaye, one of the authors of the Left Behind book series upon which the popular films are based. The settlement ends a legal dispute over the “Left Behind” film rights that began in 2000. CEO André van Heerden said,

“We are thrilled to finally have this behind us. While we received repeated judgments from the Courts that validated our rights, we were unable until now to finally put this lawsuit behind us.”

Tim LaHaye

The agreement reportedly resolves all disputes relating to the three films produced by Cloud Ten based upon the first and second books in the Left Behind series. The agreement also grants LaHaye an opportunity to remake the films based upon these book. Van Heerden commented,

“Cloud Ten was blessed with the opportunity to bring these stories, to life on the silver screen. We are very pleased that Reverend LaHaye will get the opportunity to make the films he envisions out of these beloved books.”

If LaHaye does not exercise his options to remake the films, then Cloud Ten will retain its current rights to make sequels to its “Left Behind” films.

All three films, “Left Behind: The Movie,” “Left Behind: Tribulation Force,” and “Left Behind: World at War,” are available on DVD and reportedly continue to be top sellers and are still available for church viewings through Cloud Ten “Church Cinemas.”

With the lawsuit behind them, Cloud Ten plans to get back into active production and distribution of Christian-themed films. “We’re releasing three new powerful films this year and are close to going into production on possibly another four for 2009,” says van Heerden.

Cloud Ten Pictures was founded in 1996 by brothers Peter and Paul Lalonde. Its 2000 release of “Left Behind: The Movie,” was the top-selling independent video of that year. Cloud Ten has produced and distributed 10 feature films and documentaries.

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12 Responses to “Cloud Ten Pictures announces settlement of legal disputes with Timothy LaHaye, co-author of Left Behind book series”

  1. Jake Says:

    Wow.. When are they going to make the fourth one? I heard them say they were already getting ready to make it, about 2 years ago.

  2. Billy K. Says:

    It’s great to hear Cloud Ten is working on the next film, however, I do have something to say to Mr. Lahaye. I understand from the reports of why you started the lawsuit and that it wasn’t over money. What I don’t understand is that with all of the success the “Left Behind” movies have had, why can’t you be happy about all of the positive affects they have had. I have been around youth groups that have watched these movies and then witnessed to those that viewed the movie. You would be amazed at how many teens and children have turned their lives around and embraced Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Just last week there was a report of four 7 year olds watching the movie (2 not saved prior to seeing the movie), and, after, the 2 that were saved witnessed to their friends about Jesus.

    The movies may not have gone “main stream” and been as popular as “Batman” or ET, but, at the same time, you can’t go just by mere numbers when it comes to bringing people to Christ. If the “Left Behind” movies only brought one person to Christ, how do you think God would feel about that? How would that one person feel? When a person confesses their sins and lets Christ into their heart, does not ALL of Heaven rejoice?

  3. geoff Says:

    I hear it wasn’t abut the money, but come on – for what possible reason could it have ultimately been about. When I saw the first Left Behind movie my very forst thought was “about time” About time Christians made a world class movie, about time a movie which Christians aas well as non-Christians could sit down and really enjoy and not be distracted by poor acting and editing.
    Sorry, but I really hope that cloud ten does manage to complete the series

  4. Liz H Says:

    My husband and I have just finished watching all 3 DVDs of the LEFT BEHIND series. Years ago, when we first watched the first two DVDs, we were a bit disappointed that the movies did more closely resemble the books (which we had listened to on tape). However, we have completely changed our minds. The movies are exciting, fast-paced, and completely Christ-centered. The personal details are riveting and quite compelling. We CANNOT wait for # 4!! We hope that Tim LaHaye comes to his senses, and stands aside to let the Holy Spirit work His will through these wonderful films!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    I watched these awesome movies with my children. I read the series 4 times. This is inspiring, moving and makes you want to tell others. Jesus is our Savior! I did not expect the movies to follow the books scene for scene but was very glad of the outcome off all of them. Looking forward to the 4th very much. They are all a great witnessing tool and is that not what we are here for?

    God Bless
    His Servant,

  6. Matt Says:

    Christians should not sue Christians according to the New Testament. That’s that. About the issue: I can see why LaHaye would not be happy with the films – as is – the books are so awesome, that the movies fall far short. They can spend millions on trash like “The Golden Compass,” but they scrimp on what could have been an awesome CGI and top quality movie(s) that the “Left Behind” series could be. They should end the feud, give back the rights, and make sure LaHaye finds a great producer and director (Christian) that can take the books and make some great movies and reach the mainstream “lost” world! Prayerfully reach the masses and save them from hell.

  7. Robert Says:

    I have read all the books and am sorry to hear that the movies are not continuing as originally started. I respect Reverend Lahaye’s vision. But the series is over and look at where the world is going. Time is running short to win more souls. The series is over; it is time to rejuvenate the series by continuing on the track the Cloud Ten started with the movies. Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye did a wonderful job on the books. Let’s make this real through the big screen again, please.

  8. His servant Says:

    I love the movies the way they are! I’m sorry Mr LaHaye, but they are so much better than the books! I have fallen in love with the characters! They have changed my life, and that is our mission!

  9. Timothy Allen Says:

    I am excited that their finally making the next film, but I don’t understand why there was a lawsuit filed the first place when it shouldn’t matter how the true message gets out as long it gets out.
    everyone got to realize that any movie thats based off of a book is not always going to be the same so to all authors and directors stop fighting. Just because a part of a book is not in the movie or a part thats in the movie thats not in the book shouldn’t cause a fight as long as the true message is gettingout there

  10. Vonna Says:

    I have read the book series a doz times when I get sad about the state of our world I read it again . I have bought the book set twice and gave them away to others and now I am looking forward to purchasing them again. I saw the movies and was impressed I would like very much to see the series completed. Thee are a lot of people that would watch a movie over a book, sad but true. I pray with thongs settled now the movies can move forward. God Bless you all for the work you are doing. And the souls you are reaching.

  11. Tim Says:

    I watched the movies with an old roommate and his wife. When she told me what it was about I scoffed and almost went to bed. I love god and Jesus, but come on most Christian movies are boring. I still owe her for getting the first one. I loved them all and cannot wait. Do us all proud Nick Cage. This movies brought me closer to God.

  12. Prodigal48 Says:

    I have a problem with a Christian suing a Christian. Doesn’t Scripture tell us to go to our brother personally and work things out? It just doesn’t set well with me.

    The original movies were great. Everybody I talked with about them loved them. And the books were phenomenal. Only Heaven will tell us how man souls have been one between all those books plus the movies.

    I’m glad that LaHaye liked the new movie with Nick Cage. But in all honesty, I’m a tad disappointed in his actions suing the LaLondes. How much success did he need to see? As another person said-shouldn’t it be about souls? And being grateful for the way God blessed the books and then the movies, just as they were?