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Theaters begin booking Provident Film’s drama starring Kirk Cameron

“Fireproof” is scheduled to open in more than 700 theaters on September 26, 2008. The question most-often asked: which theaters? According to the distributor, as of today, approximately half of the theaters have been booked for the opening. The way the theatrical industry works, there will be additional theaters added to this list each week prior to the opening. See Theater List.

Churches connecting with Outreach

Churches all over the country are reportedly seeing the potential impact that “Fireproof” could have on marriages in their congregations and in their communities. Many are involved in “Action Squads” that are bringing the movie to their town or purchasing group tickets for specific show times.

In addition, churches are able to access resources and tools from Outreach (below) to create a single message, Bible study or a sermon series on relationships that is tied into opening weekend of “Fireproof,” September 26-28. Church leaders can receive free resources at, including exclusive clips from the film and sermon resources like trailers, outlines, and illustrations. Churches can also purchase resource and campaign kits to help get the word out about strengthening relationships.

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2 Responses to “Fireproof coming to theaters in September 2008”

  1. Luke Says:

    I thought that the movie was really good! Definately the best well done christian movie I have seen. Though as a christian I do not want to be too biased. Although I think that the acting was pretty decent given that the actors were non professionals, and that the story was put together well with a God-centered messeage. I felt that they could have centered more on the gospel , and went into more detail about salvation and Christs substitutionary death on the cross. Also I thought that they didn’t major enough on the main character’s salvation. I think it would have been better if after his dad had shared the gospel with him, that they would have shown him going through a short process before he actually believed in Christ and was converted. Not to say that salvation can not happen the way it did in the movie, I just think that the way they did it just portrays to much the modern day evangelistic style of presenting salvation. But at least they didn’t water down the message, I just think they could have presented it better and went into more detail about sin and repentance. However overall I really liked it, mainly for the same reasons everyone else did.

  2. marcy, silver spring md Says:

    Fireproof is a great movie. It is little part of teaching about marriage rather than counseling. Reading newspapers,books or a tv would be helpful.

    Believe in God, love our Lord our saviour.

    That all you need to believe in.

    Thanks for making the Fireproof success.