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Everyone knows who he is. Now find out how he got there.

A biographical drama titled “Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham” is scheduled for theatrical release on October 10, 2008. Directed by Robby Benson, the film stars Armie Hammer as Billy Graham, Martin Landau as the older Charles Templeton, Lindsay Wagner as Morrow, Kristoffer Polaha as the younger Charles Templeton, Josh Turner as singer George Beverly Shea, and Stefanie Butler as Ruth Graham. The script was provided by screen-writer and actress Jana Lyn Rutledge. The production companies behind the film are Solex Productions (London, England –, American Trademark Pictures (California), 821 Entertainment Group (Tennesseee), and Momentum Releasing. Noticeably missing is Worldwide Pictures, the film production division of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, whose last theatrical release was in 2004. Filming took place during April in Tennessee.

Tim Abare Ministries (Charlotte, North Carolina – 703-631-3980) is asking church and ministry leaders to attend a special advance screening for pastors, leaders, and their spouses and to make sure the film comes to their city. Showing information is available at

The theatrical distribution will reportedly be handled by Rocky Mountain Pictures (Salt Lake City, UT) which released “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” earlier this year and 2006’s “Color of the Cross” along with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

For more information and a preview trailer, see the official site:

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4 Responses to ““Billy: The Early Years”—major motion picture about Billy Graham scheduled for October release”

  1. Susan Jennings Says:

    I’ve seen the trailer for this, and marked the date on my calendar to go see it!

    It looks really good!

  2. Lynn Says:

    I viewed a screening of this movie this week. I feel I should tell you that although many parts of the movie were good, I was disappointed in the movie overall. The main reasons were because the movie is neither a true biography of Graham’s life and makes him look silly and sound powerless when he preaches and a girl-chaser until he marries Ruth. Neither is it evangelical–clearly presenting the gospel, which requires repentance from sin. The movie contrasts Graham’s and Templeton’s lives, in which Templeton turns from the Faith in a drastic way. The greatest tragedies of this movie are that it seems to show Graham’s approval of what Templeton has done and makes Templeton appear to go to Heaven, although he does not repent of his statement, “Jesus is not the Son of God.” Another interesting fact is that a family member stated at the screening that Billy Graham himself refuses to watch the movie. Perhaps he is unable now, but I find it interesting that no one has received his approval of the movie about his life.

  3. Bob Hardy Says:

    Franklin Graham says of the film, “The content lacks my father’s greatest passion: to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world and point men, women, and children to His saving power.

    While the movie covers many aspects of my father’s early years, it depicts events that never happened or are greatly embellished”.

    The BGEA did not work with the film’s producer, and does not endorse the film.

  4. Mark Says:

    I was disappointed with this movie. The movie seems to emphasize Templeton more than Graham at times. I was hoping to see God’s glory working through Graham; instead I saw a very disturbing story of a man walking away from the faith. (John 6:66).