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In the wake of winning their lawsuit that was placed against their film by Yoko Ono, the producers of “Expelled” are offering their film for private screenings in theaters. Churches and other organizations can sponsor a showing by purchasing a screening at a nearby theatre with a showing time before 3:00 pm for $1800/$6 per ticket for a group of 300 people. For showings after 3:00 pm the cost is $2400/$8 per ticket.

Premise Media sales promoter Tripp Thornton says,

“This is perfect for Churches as they use this venue for an outreach event.”

Here are a few other points of interest:

  • Churches can sponsor the film—the discounted price of $6 bucks a ticket and reimburse their budget by recharging their participants the regular price of $10 bucks thus MAKING BACK their initial expense AND making extra money that can cover the administration costs…SO this is a WIN-WIN program for us and the church!
  • Most churches did not know that they can have their “OUTREACH EVENT” advertised at their local Christian radio station for FREE!

See our review of this movie: “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Additional information can be found at

For more information, contact:

  • Tripp H. Thornton
    1727 Bakers Mill Road, NE
    Dacula, Georgia 30019
    Office: 678-546-5580

DVD available…

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One Response to ““Expelled” enlists help of churches for nationwide re-release”

  1. Katherine Says:

    It is absolutely shocking and disheartening how kindergarten-through-university educational institutions, instructors, and organizations are doing their level, biased best to eradicate/get others to eradicate Christianity, Creationism, Intelligent Design, common sense, the Republican Party, our forefathers’ true insights and experiences, and the insights and existence of the People of Israel off the face of the earth (I should know–I’ve worked in different cities in every grade level and school subject of the aforementioned educational institutions!) We have nothing to fear, though, when brave truth-tellers such as Ben Stein and the “I.D.” staff come to our aid! You go, Ben!