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The Film Festival to End Demand

The Defenders USA recently announced a creative way to help end sexual slavery by combating the commercial sex industry—“The Film Festival to END DEMAND.” The Defenders USA is calling for submissions to film festival, a contest that will fight the demand for commercial sex by spreading awareness. Anyone can enter the contest—all that is needed is a video camera and access to the internet. Each entry should focus on ending the demand for the destructive sex markets by speaking out against pornography, prostitution, or any form of commercialized sex. Participants have until September 5th, 2008 to submit their entry, and each film will be judged on the impact of the message, not the professional level of the film. The winning video will be featured at a Shared Hope International event in Washington DC this fall.

Bill Smith, Director of The Defenders USA, reports,

“We launched The Film Festival to END DEMAND on July 4 because, what better day than Independence Day to not only celebrate our freedom but to take action for those who are not free? Women and children are enslaved all over the world to serve a demand for commercial sex—this has to stop.”

An initiative of Shared Hope International, The Defenders USA is a coalition of men who have taken a stand against all forms of commercial sex—a market that exploits women and children. This harmful market is fueled by the demand for commercial sexual services. More information on the Defenders USA and The Film Festival to END DEMAND can be found on

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