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Daywind Music Group (New Day Christian Distributors) will be releasing episodes one and two of “The Wumblers” preschool television series on DVD to retailers July 18th, 2008. Daywind Music Group is the official licensing partner for “The Wumblers” preschool television series and brand.

Since its original launch on Trinity Broadcasting (TBN) and Smile of a Child networks in September 2007, this series has been embraced by families with an enthusiasm that reportedly continues to drive additional broadcasters its way in record numbers. Series creator, Laura J. Wellington, designed this award winning series to “cross all barriers, boundaries, and borders in order to help make the world a better place for ALL children.”

Daywind’s release of Wumbler episodes will help THE WUMBLERS reach an even larger audience at a quicker pace. Says creator Laura J. Wellington,

“Making the world a better place for children can’t happen fast enough.”

Additional WUMBLER product has already launched on line at from licensees such as ELH, The Learning Journey International, and Crossroads Designs.

The new 30 minute DVD containing the first two episodes “Bertrum’s Color Day” and “Munchetti Day” will be available for $12.98 retail at over 2000 CBA stores across the country.

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