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Maria Bellantoni as Angela Stone in 'One Day in May'
“One Day in May” is getting ready to hit the film festival circuit. Set in the waiting room of an abortion clinic, it’s the story of a college senior who regains his faith and overcomes abuse and betrayal to fight for the life of his girlfriend’s unborn baby.

The film’s producers, Brian and Rebecca Kaufman of Double-Edged Entertainment, liken “One Day in May” to a “Gen. X “Breakfast Club’ meets the ANTI-‘Ciderhouse Rules’.” How’s that for a mental picture?

The principal players in “ODIM” include John-Paul Lavoisier (“One Life to Live”) as college senior Matt Daniels, Chrisie Penna co-stars as his pregnant girlfriend Drew Casey, and Maria Bellantoni (“Law & Order”, “E.R.”) also co-stars in this 2002 release.

Maria has taken time out to let us in on some of her thoughts related to the message in and filming of “One Day in May”.

Maria, as a Christian working in TV and film, what advice do you have for other Christian actresses who desire to do the same?

Know what your boundaries are. Know beforehand what you will or will not do. Never compromise what you believe in for anyone–stand firm and be courageous. We need more Christian actors and actresses in mainstream films and television. Be bold and don’t lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing: giving glory to God. Be an example–salt and light.

So when and how did you come to Christ?

I came to Christ when I was about 11 years old. My father received a full on miracle and was healed of cancer. My whole family from that point on became saved. I walked away from the Lord for a few years, but He brought me back (thank God).

Let’s talk now about your latest project–the pro-life indie film “One Day in May”. What was your role in the film?

I play Angela Stone–a complete modern woman. A feminist to an extreme. Basically, life has dealt her a bad hand, especially with men. Instead of dealing with her problems, she ignores them and grows hard to everything and everyone around her.

Angela plays the devil’s advocate in “One Day in May”. On the inside she wants so much to be loved but the part of her that has been stepped on so many times won’t allow anyone or anything in. She’s just scared and she deals with that fear with hurt, anger and manipulation.

What’s it like filming with a Christian production company versus the TV episodes of “Law and Order” or “E.R.” that you appeared in?

Simply? The prayer. Everyday, no matter how early we would start or how late we would end, it always began and ended with prayer. Although I have only had great experiences on the sets of “Law & Order,” great cast and crew to work with, as well as “E.R.”, everyone there was just as great to work with. But I have to say we never prayed as a group on those sets.

In “One Day in May”, whether you were a Christian or not, everyone gladly joined in prayer. It was just awesome to see and experience.

How did you prepare for your role as Angela?

I did a few different things. I started by reading different testimonies from women around the world who had had an abortion, some to this day who felt it was the right decision, others who regret it every day of their lives. I then read horrible stories describing the actual procedure (from these women who had experienced it). Then I took, from my own life, women I know who have had or thought of having an abortion.

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I began to create a life for Angela. All that combined with my own personal disappointments in life, relationships and being taken advantage of and manipulated. I wrote a biography on her. Angela as a child… a teenager… a woman. I absorbed as much of this life I had created for her, took from all the testimonies, actually went and sat in an abortion clinic for a couple of times and after all that, you have to just let go of it all and let it take you over.

Does “One Day in May” have any special significance to you personally? In other words, was this just another project or something that you firmly stand behind?

“One Day In May” does have special significance to me; it was not just another project to work on. I feel strongly regarding Pro Life, although I would never judge someone and the choices they make. That’s between them and God. I am against abortion. I did this project because I knew the Lord led me to be part of this, the way everything worked out concerning the audition process and the timing, I know I was to be a part of it and I am honored to do so.

What was your favorite scene?

My favorite scene was between my character Angela and Chrisie Penna’s
character Drew. It’s part of a dream sequence within the movie, where the tables have turned and Angela has now taken on the role of a loving and supportive pro-lifer. Drew ends up breaking down from the loss of her baby and Angela comforts her. That was not my favorite scene initially but after we did the work, it went to a place that I think none of us were expecting. It was a completely vulnerable, genuine moment.

What kind of an impact do you expect this to have on viewers?

It’s going to be intense. I hope that non-believers will keep their hearts and minds open and realize that this message is coming from a place of love, not accusatory or judgmental, but just out of love.

What’s your fondest memory of the shoot?

The way we all just got along—Christians and non-Christians. It was like we knew each other for so long, cast and crew. It was a great set to be working on.