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Crossing River Entertainment

Doug Dibert Jr. of Crossing River Entertainment has announced that they are producing their first feature length Christian drama and are seeking additional investors. It is a story about heroin addiction titled “Crying in the Night.” According to the latest National Drug Intelligence Center report, heroin abuse in the U.S. is increasing among young adults in a number of suburban and rural areas.

“Crying in the Night” centers on April Kwakowski who was a loving and happy eight-year-old, until one day a stranger in the park sapped all that away. April, now older, is searching for meaning in a family that has none itself. As April searches, she turns to a life of drugs. After losing a baby to abortion, April tries to fill the pain with the use of heroin. Now a slave to her habit, April’s father William fights to bring his daughter back and meets the end of his own rope. With April’s addiction slowly closing in for the kill, April’s sister Jana reaches out to rescue her sister from the ever closing grasp of Satan.

Based in Temperance, Michigan, Crossing River Entertainment has been producing Christian television and films since January 2005. Most of their work has reportedly aired nationwide and overseas on Christian television networks.

More information about the film will be available at: