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Sonlight Pictures, a Christian film company founded by award-winning writer and director Pete Bauer, has released its first film, a comedic short called “Club God.”  Starring John Snell and Brian Shea, “Club God” is the story of “a comedian who gets called up to Heaven prematurely in order to help God with His comedy act.” The film’s tagline: “It starts with a bang and ends with salvation.”
Bauer expressed the motivation behind the creation of Sonlight Pictures.

“The Lord has called me to do this.  It’s my vocation.  And our goal is to make Christian films entertaining for both Christians and non-Christians alike.  We are all called to reach out to non-believers, and we hope, with Jesus’ guidance and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, that our films will touch the souls of those viewers searching for something greater… the saving grace and endless mercy of Jesus Christ.  In doing so, we know we will be providing quality entertainment for dedicated Christians as well.”

“Club God” is the first in a planned series of film shorts.  Next on the Sonlight Pictures schedule is a six-part, teen Christian Web-series called “Purgatory, USA,” about a teen girl who must spend the summer with her flaky cousin and the moral journey they find themselves encountering.  After that is slated the intense short film called “Forgiven,” about a woman in a hostage situation who is called to look at her attackers through God’s loving eyes.  Sonlight Pictures also has three feature screenplays “ready for production” and another two in the works.
Bauer continued,

“We really want to explore, over the course of our shorts and feature films, the challenges of today’s Christians to live their faith in an aggressively anti-Christian world.  Welcoming Jesus Christ into your heart is only the beginning of the journey.  It is how we live our faith, especially in difficult times, that shows the depth of that faith.  ‘Club God’ is a first, very small step in our long journey to live our faith through filmmaking.  We’ll do this as long as the Lord requires.”

Bauer has won two feature screenwriting awards at Worldfest Houston for the scripts “One View Only” and “Independence Day” (aka “Cold Storage”). He has also won awards for his short film “Justice” at the Saints & Sinners Film Festival (Best Screenplay, Best Actor) and at the REwind Movie Awards (Best Drama, Best Story).
You can read more about Sonlight Pictures at their Web site,