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Barry McLerran of SRB Productions—producer of “Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family”—says he was delighted that the documentary received favorable mention from Chuck Colson.

In a June 10 commentary (“Demographics and Prosperity”—the second in a 3-part series on declining birthrates), the Christian conservative icon called “Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family” a “brilliant documentary.”

Commenting on Japan’s post-war economic miracle that ground to a halt during the 1980s, Colson observed:

“No one mentioned the aging of the Japanese population. And that is still true today, even as the economy staggers.” Colson added, “It is as if those experts are wearing glasses that will not let them see the connection between demographics and prosperity.”

Worldwide, birth rates have declined by more than 50% in the past 40 years. In most of the industrialized world, birth rates are well below replacement level.

McLerran thanked Colson for his discernment and leadership on this issue.

“Chuck Colson understands the vital connection between birth rates and national prosperity,” McLerran observed. “He knows that a vigorous economy cannot be maintained in the face of falling birth rates.”

“Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family,” includes interviews with demographers, sociologists and economists, including Gary Becker, a Nobel Prize-winning economist at the University of Chicago.

Film synopsis provided by the producer

One of the most ominous events of modern history is quietly unfolding.  Social scientists and economists agree – we are headed toward a demographic winter which threatens to have catastrophic social and economic consequences.  The effects will be severe and long lasting and are already becoming manifest in much of Europe.

A groundbreaking film, Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family, reveals in chilling soberness how societies with diminished family influence are now grimly seen as being in social and economic jeopardy.

Demographic Winter draws upon experts from all around the world – demographers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, civic and religious leaders, parliamentarians and diplomats.  Together, they reveal the dangers facing society and the world’s economies, dangers far more imminent than global warming and at least as severe.  These experts will discuss how:

The “population bomb” not only did not have the predicted consequences, but almost all of the developed countries of the world are now experiencing fertility rates far below replacement levels.  Birthrates have fallen so low that even immigration cannot replace declining populations, and this migration is sapping strength from developing countries, the fertility rates for many of which are now falling at a faster pace than did those of the developed countries.

The economies of the world will continue to contract as the “human capital” spoken of by Nobel Prize winning economist Gary Becker, diminishes.   The engines of commerce will be strained as the workers of today fail to replace themselves and are burdened by the responsibility to support an aging population.

Government programs will slow-bleed by the decrease in tax dollars received from an ever shrinking work force.  The skyrocketing ratio of the old retirees to the young workers will render current-day social security systems completely unable to support the aging population.

Our attempts to modernize through social engineering policies and programs have left children growing up in broken homes, with absentee parents and little exposure to extended family, disconnected from the generations, and these children are experiencing severe psychological, sociological and economic consequences.  The intact family’s immeasurable role in the development and prosperity of human societies is crumbling.  

The influence of social and economic problems on ever shrinking, increasingly disconnected generations will compound and accelerate the deterioration.  Our children and our children’s children will bear the economic and social burden of regenerating the “human capital” that accounts for 80% of wealth in the economy, and they will be ill-equipped to do so.  

Is there a “tipping point”, after which the accelerating consequences will make recovery impossible without complete social and economic collapse?  Even the experts can’t tell us how far we can go down this road, oblivious to the outcomes, until we reach a point where sliding into the void becomes unpreventable.

Only if the political incorrectness of talking about the natural family within policy circles is overcome will solutions begin to be found.  These solutions will necessarily result in policy changes, changes that will support and promote the natural, intact family.  

Just as it took the cumulative involvement of activist organizations, policy makers, the business world and the media to create the unintended consequences we are beginning to experience, so it will take the holistic contribution of all of these entities, together with civic and religious organizations, to change the hearts and minds of all of society to bring about a reversal.  

It may be too late to avoid some very severe consequences, but with effort we may be able to preclude calamity.  Demographic Winter lays out a forthright province of discussion.  The warning voices in this film need to be heard before a silent, portentous fall turns into a long, hard winter.

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