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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Scientists get caught trying to sneak into Stein’s movie

According to Technoranatis BlogPulse which surveys the hottest topics and sites in the world of blogs, a site featuring Ben Steins controversial new film “Expelled” is the #1 blog on the net.

The web traffic spiked when P.Z. Meyers, a biology professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris, attempted to sneak into a private, invitation-only screening of Ben Steins highly controversial upcoming movie, “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed.” But Myers, who is an outspoken atheist and author of the science blog Pharyngula got caught and has used his blog to bitterly complain about not being allowed to see the film before its release.

Myers, who was interviewed in Expelled, has apparently been asking supporters to sneak into the private screenings which are being conducted by marketing company Motive Entertainment (which handled grassroots marketing for blockbusters “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”) for various leaders as part of the grass roots marketing of the film.

When confronted at the screening by Myers friend Richard Dawkins, a prominent atheist who is himself featured in the film, as to why Myers was expelled from the screening, producer Mark Mathis replied that the producers were eager for Myers to screen the film but only after he had paid $10 to watch it with the rest of America after it releases on April 18th.

Mathis saw rich irony in Myers discontent with being expelled from “Expelled”:

Mark Mathis
Producer Mark Mathis

It was amazing to see the reaction of Myers, Richard Dawkins and their friends when one of them wasnt allowed to screen a film. Yet, these men applaud the fact that throughout the nation, professors are fired from their jobs and permanently excluded from their profession for questioning Darwinism.

Executive producer Logan Craft of Premise Media noted:

We can’t wait for all Americans, including our friend P.Z. Myers, to see the film when it opens on April 18th. Well even throw in some free popcorn for P.Z. if hell tell us which theater hell be attending.

Producer Mark Mathis remarked:

I hope PZ’s experience has helped him see the light. Hes distraught because he could not see a movie. What if he wasnt allowed to teach on a college campus or was denied tenure? Maybe hell think twice before he starts demanding more professors be blacklisted and expelled simply because they question the adequacy of Darwins theory.

Ben Steins Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opens in theaters nationwide on April 18th.

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