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Real Dreams Film Competition 2008

Discovering the next great redemptive filmmaker

More than 50 films are now competing in the ReelDreams Film Competition for a chance to win a full-tuition scholarship to Regent Universitys School of Communication & the Arts.

The time to select the Top 25 films is NOW. Votes may be cast at The Top 25 films will be announced April 28 at

Each entrant must be the sole producer/director/writer of a short film portraying a character facing a moral dilemma that leads to good or bad consequences affecting the individual and those around them.

Regent University School of Communication & the Arts
Regent University School of Communication & the Arts

Michael Patrick, dean of Regents School of Communication & the Arts, reports,

Our mission is to encourage the next generation of leaders in redemptive filmmaking. This competition helps us to connect with them as a film school and helps them to fulfill their calling.

Starting April 28 the public will have one week to view and vote for their favorite films, helping decide the Top 10. The Top 10 finalists will be announced on May 5 and will compete at the live webcast Final Event at Regent Universitys Communication & Performing Arts Center May 31. The Grand Prize Winner selected by industry judges will receive a full-tuition scholarship for one degree from Regents School of Communication & the Arts.

The live webcast Final Event is open to the public. In order to participate, one must create a user account with prior to the event and login to the live webcast at 7:00 p.m. EDT on May 31. Here one can vote for the film that will receive the Audience Favorite Award.

For tickets and information to attend the Live Event in Virginia Beach visit or call 757.226.4245.

The Competition is powered by and Big Jump Media, Inc.

Regent Universitys School of Communication & the Arts has won over 170 film awards and offers B.A., M.A., MFA and Ph.D. degrees in Cinema/Television, Journalism, Animation, Digital Media, Theatre and Communication. Learn more about Regent Universitys School of Communication & the Arts at

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One Response to “Regent University’s ReelDreams Film Competition”

  1. Rev. Scott Holland LPC Says:

    Dear Fellow Servant,

    Here is a question for you . . . Have you ever considered what goes into making a movie from a spiritual perspective? For several years now this question has been tugging at me during my prayer time and the following reoccurring questions continue to surface about the spiritual aspect of Christian film making:
    · What if the entire cast and crew for a Christian movie were all committed Christians?
    · What if, in addition to a Film Director overseeing the making of the film, there were a Spiritual Director overseeing the spiritual direction and health of the film project?
    · What if everyone connected with the film were committed to daily prayer, Bible study, small group participation, communion, and corporate worship throughout the project?
    · What if there were professional pastoral counseling available throughout the film making process?
    After having pondered these questions, it occurred to me, that certainly these things were already happening in the Christian film making industry! Why would I need to get involved? After all, I know nothing about making movies. So I let God know that I was not qualified and I prayed again. More prayer only produced the following set of glaring questions:
    · Where are the blockbuster Christian movies?
    · Where are the movies that are making a major impact on society for Christ?
    · Why aren’t we able to tap into today’s number one media for influencing people’s lives?
    · If God is in charge of these film projects, why haven’t we successfully stepped out of the way and fully turned our resources over to Him?
    These are hard questions to grapple with because the frustrating part is; I know there are good Christians out there trying to impact this media for Christ right now. Not only do I not have any film making experience, I’m trying as hard as I can to find a nice little church and stay close to the kids and grandkids. I have repeatedly told God that I don’t have the answers to these questions. What a mistake, huh? Can you say, Jonah? Well I have no idea what God has up His sleeve, but I do know enough to get moving toward Nineveh. For whatever crazy reason, I do feel that God is calling me to get involved in Christian film making ministry.
    After much prayer and meditation I have taken this vision for what a Christian film making project could look like and begun to shape it into a reality. To bring this vision to life I believe that I am being called as a Spiritual Director to shepherd the spiritual direction and health of Christian film projects.
    I am actively seeking the Spiritual Director’s position for your upcoming Christian film project. As Spiritual Director I will listen to your needs, pray with you, and develop and implement a spiritual plan specific to your project. The main focus will always be the same, an unwavering commitment to seeking the Lord’s leading and empowerment to impact your project for Christ. I look forward to discussing this concept with you in further detail and sharing this vision for spiritual empowerment in the Christian film making ministry. Please give me a call or shoot me an email as soon as possible, I am anxious to see where God is going with this.

    In His Grip,

    Rev. Scott Holland, LPC