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Features a (neatly folded) collection of 15 all-time favorite short features

Big Idea has announced the May 3rd release of a classic collection from Bob, Larry and the whole Veggie crew. When Edmund Storch’s pet hamster disappears after he accidentally leaves the top off of its cage, he writes to Bob and Larry asking for advice. While Bob feels like there’s no lesson to teach Edmund, Larry digs deep into the Veggie Vault to find a solution. But what is the Veggie Vault and why does Larry hide it in his sock drawer? And how did a sock puppet and a story-telling donkey get in there, too?

Bob, Larry and Lutfi the Sock Puppet Highlighted video shorts include: Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly, Larry’s Lagoon, Omelet, Going Up, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, and many more. Each short story is cleverly woven together by brand new animated clips, and the DVD includes an all-new opening and closing. As an extra special bonus feature, fans will find never-before-on-DVD video shorts, which until now have only been seen on TV as part of the top-rated children’s programming block, on NBC Saturday mornings.

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