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Actor Ben Stein’s claim that Darwin laid the foundation for Hitler’s holocaust is a well-documented fact of history—one which, nonetheless, angers Darwin’s contemporary disciples. Stein is featured in the just-released movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which asserts a link between the theory of evolution and the Holocaust. Stein told The New York Times last year that, were it up to him, he would call the movie, “From Darwin to Hitler.”

Steins claim in “Expelled” is further documented in the Coral Ridge Ministries documentary, Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, originally produced in 2006 and later updated with additional material on the eugenics movement spawned by Darwin’s theory. Jerry Newcombe a co-producer of “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” reports,

The ideas of Charles Darwin helped fuel the Nazi killing machine, which took the lives of some 10-15 million people.

“Darwin’s Deadly Legacy,” now available on DVD, features historians and scholars who connect the dots between Hitler and the ideas penned by Darwin in On the Origin of Species and later works. According to historian Richard Weikart, author of From Darwin to Hitler,

Among German historians, there’s really not much debate about whether or not Hitler was a social Darwinist. He clearly was drawing on Darwinian ideas.

British evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith wrote in the 1940s:

The German Fuhrer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist. He has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.

Even leading evolutionist Niles Eldredge freely admits the link between Darwin and Hitler. Eldredge, a curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, has written that social Darwinism, which he regards as an illegitimate offspring of Darwins theory,

has given us the eugenics movement and some of its darker outgrowths, such as the genocidal practices of the Nazis in World War II—where eugenics was invoked as a scientific rationale to go along with whatever other reasons Hitler and his fellow Nazis had for the Holocaust.

But evolution was not incidental to Hitlers thought. It was a central aspect of his worldview, according to Weikart, a leading scholar on the Darwin-Hitler nexus.

“It drove pretty much everything that he did.It was not just a peripheral part of his ideology.”

The case for evolutions impact on Hitler is strengthened by the fact that Darwinian thought heavily influenced Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Nazi dictator, according to Weikart,

“…was drawing on what many other scholars, biologists, and geneticists in Germany were preaching and teaching in the early twentieth century.”

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Ministries and host of Darwins Deadly Legacy, said in 2006:

We have had nearly 150 years of the theory of Darwinian evolution. And what has it brought us—whether Darwin intended it or not? Millions of deaths, the destruction of those deemed inferior, the devaluing of human life, and increasing hopelessness. Darwin’s legacy has been deadly indeed.

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4 Responses to “Ben Stein gets it right in “Expelled” on link between Darwin and Hitler, says DVD “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy””

  1. Hubert Garland Says:

    I am looking for a DVD of the film: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (with Ben Stein) to show to my church congregation. Can you help me?


  2. Paul Taylor Says:

    “Expelled” will soon be available to churches. See our article: “Expelled” enlists help of churches for nationwide re-release

  3. Donald Tomblin Says:

    Those who preach the false religion of evolution NEVER like to discuss the connection between Hitler/Nazism/Racism and the atheistic/humanistic religion of evolution. That is why they tried to CENSOR “Expelled” out of public view.
    I’ll do my part to make sure that Satan and his false teachers/preachers FAIL to accomplish their goal.
    Jesus Christ, Our Almighty Creator, ALREADY has the VICTORY!!

  4. John Koster Says:

    Reinhard Heydrich cited “natural selection” as the reason for the Holocaust: Wannsee, January 20, 1942, He argued that those Jews who survived what until then had been a grueling forced-labor program would represent a “natural selection” that could survive to breed a future race of super-Jews able to contest the contol of Europe with the “Aryans.” Heydrich himself — by then an atheist — was of mixed Jewish ancestry, as was Hitler, a lapsed Catholic and ckiset homosexual who hated Christianity. Their viciousness to the Jews may have been an extreme form of projected self-hatred. Hannah Arendt, a German-Jewish Holocaust fugitive, and Jacques Barzun, a secular Swiss, also saw Darwinism as the driving force behind both Hitler and Stalin, and wrote about it in notable books with no religious motivation. When I mentioned this on an “Evolutionist” web site, I was greeted with all sorts of scatological verbal abuse and accusations of being a Nazi — but these are facts anyone can look up. Darwin actually was a key influence behind the Holocaust.