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Some of ModernParables productions
Some of Modern Parables productions

Bible study curriculum for people who like movies

Modern Parables, the Bible study curriculum that combines short films of the parables with in-depth Bible teaching, just released all its films and study materials in digital format at Thomas Purifoy, Jr., producer and director of Modern Parables, explains:

This is an exciting new approach for us. We are trying to make our products more accessible to those who want them as well as to reach a wider audience.

Modern Parables (Nashville, Tennessee) is offering its materials in downloadable packages that contain two complete lessons and one bonus lesson. The materials include one parable film, one application video (each taught by a different pastor who explains the parable), a directors commentary, and a combined Student Book/Teachers Guide. The downloads are available in two resolution levels: DVD-quality ($19.99) and HD-quality ($26.99).

For a limited time, Modern Parables is also offering its six parable films for free download as low resolution versions compatible with Apple iPod/iTunes. These low resolution versions are intended for personal use only and give consumers the ability to watch an entire film before making a purchase. Ian Kern, an Assistant Producer on Modern Parables, mentioned:

We hope these free downloads lead to a greater familiarity with Modern Parables.

Modern Parables is a new Bible study that uses film-based modernizations of the parables to teach the Bible. It was produced by Compass Cinema, a Nashville-based production company. Just released at the end of 2007, it has reportedly been adopted by hundreds of churches across the United States and around the world. A number of Christian leaders have endorsed the product including Robert Lewis, Douglas Wilson, and George Grant.

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