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Brent Nims on the road

children share one personal life changing story after another

When filmmakers Brent and Jenn Nims traveled to China, India and South Africa to document the real life stories of children around the world, they really did not know what to expect.

They visited humble homes, orphanages, townships and churches filming children telling their own stories, some of which broke their hearts.

One Million Children photos

Scary faces in the trees tormented Aashay from India. Tumi from South Africa had constant turmoil and tragedy surrounding him and his family. Two young brothers from China live in a dark, dingy, 250 square foot apartment with their sister and parents.

Despite their bleak circumstances all found faith, hope and love.

The One Million Children storytelling Web site focuses on the significance and far reaching consequences of bringing Gods Word to children around the world. The primary objective of the site is to help people feel and understand the positive impact Gods Word has on children, their families and communities.

Outside the United States, there is a serious lack of childrens Bible teaching materials and teacher training. Local pastors, evangelists and church planters from developing world churches are reaching out for help. As a result, children are rapidly emerging as one of the leading international ministry priorities.

The documentary was produced by Gospel Light Worldwide, the international childrens ministry.

Gospel Light Worldwides president Marc Stein said,

Stories touch us in ways that facts and figures never can. We simply want to share stories that allow people to witness for themselves how Gods Word impacts children, their families and communities around the world.

Gospel Light Worldwide helps children enter and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through culturally relevant, locally published Bible curriculum. They are currently managing or participating in 16 projects focused in four key regions of the world: Asia, Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Africa.