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The Longevity Secret

Bonus features of New Grizzly Adams documentary cites nearly 300 non-biblical sources to document universal flood

Among the bonus features of the DVD version of The Longevity Secret, a new TV/DVD special currently in production at Grizzly Adams Productions, is a chapter entitled The Ark of the Ancients: Stories of the Ark Across the Globe.

Some people contend that the story of the Great Flood is little more than an ancient legend with little basis in truth, observes Charles E. Sellier, supervising producer of the program. However, in the bonus features included on the DVD, we focus on a wide range of sources other than the standard biblical argument. We talk with scientists and linguists who have examined the story from multiple sources and points-of-view. The results uncover some surprising facts.

Historical research reveals that The Great Flood is a story that is told around the globe by cultures separated by continents and oceans.

Its difficult to deny the validity of virtually the same story being told by people who have never had contact with each other, explains senior producer David Balsiger. The chance that virtually every civilization on the planet over the last five-thousand years would have the same flood tradition and for it not to be true is simply astronomical.

Grizzly Adams Productions

In the course of the bonus features, noted linguist, Charles Berlitz explains that the story of Noah and the Flood are practically identical in a wide variety of ancient languages including Persian, Babylonian, ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Sanskrit. Berlitz notes,

The only thing that changes, occasionally, is the name of Noah. Not only does it appear in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, but also in the Quran, the holy book of Islam.

According to Dr. Ethel Nelson, a prominent Chinese Pictograph Linguist also interviewed in the bonus features,

The Flood account is found on Babylonian, Akkadian, and Samarian cuneiform tablets which are now housed in the British Museum. These date back to about 700 BC. There are older accounts of the flood found in individual Chinese characters dating back to about 1700 BC.

According to Dr. Steve Deckard, who appears in one of the bonus features,

A study of universal flood traditions reveals that there are nearly 300 flood accounts throughout virtually every culture worldwide, including the Incas and the Aztecs.

Not only is a universal flood a common theme through all of these stories, but 88 percent of the narratives describe a favored family, 73 percent say animals played a part, 70 percent claim that people survived because of a boat, 67 percent declare the animals were saved, 66 percent agree that mans wickedness was the floods cause, and 57 percent state that the survivors ended up on a mountain. Sellier concludes,

Do the math. I dont know how a reasonable scholar can deny the Great Flood occurred in light of the preponderance of evidence provided by these wide-ranging historical accounts.

The documentary these bonus features support presents the possibility that prior to the Flood human lifespan extended over centuries rather than decades. The film discusses how DNA extracted from human remains from that epoch can be the key to living longer today with astounding lifespan projections in the future.

The Longevity Secret is scheduled to release early 2008 through Grizzly Adams Family Entertainment (GAFE). After it airs on network television, it will be released into the mass market.

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