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Advent Film Group

at 2008 NRB Convention, March 8-11

Advent Film Group (AFG), a new film company founded by homeschoolers will meet with distributors at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention about their first movie, Come What May. The movie features Patrick Henry College (PHC), a national powerhouse in debate and moot court competition. Taking a page from the success of Facing The Giants, Advent is also casting notable individuals in cameo roles. Advents new movie has Dr. Michael Farris, the real-life founder and Chancellor of PHC playing the coach who helps two PHC students battle to overturn Roe v. Wade at the National Moot Court Championship. Other high-profile homeschooling advocates are also cast as U.S. Supreme Court Justices. This is one of five films on Advents production slate.

Come What May

This will be our first year at NRB. This convention has become an important market for independent Christian films, explains Escobar.

In addition to training the next-generation of Christian filmmakers, AFG is also building a movie distribution system from within the homeschooling, pro-life/pro-family communities. Rather than sharing film revenues strictly with traditional distributors, AFG seeks to channel movie revenue into Christian and family-based organizations. Escobar remarks:

Homeschoolers have already successfully turned the public education monopoly upside down; we will now do the same in cinema production and distribution.

Come What May

Film distribution is undergoing a major upheaval because of the Internet and changing viewing habits of moviegoers. Direct access to niche markets, such as homeschoolers and pro-life groups, through email marketing, social networking, and blogging has dramatically changed how producers can reach and sell to their audiences. DVD self-distribution has further enabled filmmakers to reap more of the financial reward for their labor.

It’s about reaching the widest audience at the lowest cost possible while retaining control of film rights to maximize your share of revenues, Escobar clarifies. In the past, filmmakers had NO reach or control. All of this has changed dramatically.

Escobar offered insight into this new era of film distribution on his Web site’s blog.

With a cast/crew of homeschooled students led by film professionals, AFG will use a national network of organizations, distributors, and supporters, now several hundred homeschooling families strong (and growing) to promote Come What May starting late Spring 2008.

About AFG— Advent Film Group was founded by Christian filmmakers to champion the mission and vision of Patrick Henry College and other like-minded organizations to shape our culture through media. See the movie trailer at