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David Wall as Father Jonathan Keene in Noelle. David worked as an actor in Los Angeles in film, television and commercials until his first short story was published in the Washington Post, at which time he turned to writing full time. In 1996, he wrote/produced and directed his first film “Joe & Joe.” It was selected for the Sundance Film Festival and went on to play on the Sundance Channel and on PBS. It won the award for cinematography at the Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Southern Stories Film Festival in Birmingham. Nolle is his second film as writer/director/producer but the first in which he has also starred, alongside his wife of 18 years, Kerry (three of their four children are also in the film).

Opening in selected cities nationwide on December 7th, Gener8Xion Entertainment Inc. and Volo Films have announced the release of Noelle, which they describe as a heartwarming and inspirational story of how a cold-hearted Catholic priest haunted by his past discovers an whole new meaning to his existence in a sleepy, winter-bound New England town at Christmas time.

Forgiveness, redemption, and second chances are the key themes in this movie, says Noelle’s writer and director, David Wall.

According to Wall, Noelle also has a subtle, but powerful, pro-life theme that will leave viewers moved.

The pro-life message is there, says Wall. But a person really needs to see the movie in order to catch how this plays out. Words cannot describe it. You really have to see it to understand how powerful it is.

As for the movies storyline, Father Jonathan Keene, played by Wall, visits a small New England town to shut down a Catholic Church that is deemed unworthy. But when Father Keene arrives, he gets caught up with the town’s colorful characters.

Keene offers the small ragtag group one last chance to save their church they must pull off a successful Christmas play in their community. In the end, though, it is the lovable characters who help Keene find his own personal second chance.

Surrounded by eccentric and hilarious towns folk that will eventually turn his world upside down, Keene ends up not only questioning his brittle faith, but grappling with it as well, says Wall.

One such character is Father Simeon Joyce (Sean Patrick Brennan), a priest with a great love for his people, but deemed incompetent by Keene. Joyce shows Keene that being a man of God is having compassion for human weakness.

When Keene meets the town librarian, Marjorie Worthington (Kerry Wall), he begins to be plagued by the sins of his past. Haunting, recurring visions of an angelic, messenger child begin to ripple the still waters of Keene’s Scrooge-like facade.

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In the end, Keene comes face to face with his past and his hardened heart. In a “breathtaking” ending that converges around Keene and the haunting angelic messenger child, Keene discovers forgiveness and second chances.

There is a real excitement about this movie, says Wall. Even people who are not Christians are moved by the clear emphasis on redemption. People are clapping after every show.

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