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Copyright 2007, Promenade Pictures.

3D CGI animation film is companys first big screen film release

How many of the Ten Commandments can you name? That was the question posed in a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, which revealed that respondents were more familiar with the ingredients of a McDonald’s hamburger than they were with the historical basis for our nations legal and moral code.

Promenade Pictures sees this as a critical time to release their new feature film, The Ten Commandments.

We selected The Ten Commandments as our first film in the Epic Stories of the Bible series because it is a pivotal story in the history of the Bible and one that the three major religions on earth respect,

said Cindy Bond, president and COO of Promenade Pictures, producer and distributor of the film.

We are delighted to work with Motive Entertainment to use our film as a basis for the Ten Commandments Challenge, to help increase everyones familiarity with this important story.

Promenade Pictures released its inaugural big screen feature film as the first in its Epic Stories of the Bible series. “The Ten Commandments” was released in 765 theaters nationwide on October 19. The feature-length, 3D CGI animated film attempts to bring the Bible classic to life in a film that uncovers the true meaning of faith and Gods message of love to humankindknown as The Ten Commandments. The producers say they are responding to a nationwide crisisthe illiteracy of The Ten Commandments. Grassroots feature film campaign focused on developing unique methods of teaching children and families The Ten Commandments and the deeper message of the story.

The Ten Commandments was directed by Bill Boyce (Hermie & Friends) and John Stronach (Ben Hur, Cahoots), and features an impressive line up of talent including Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley (narrator voice), Christian Slater (Moses voice), Alfred Molina (Ramses voice), and Academy Award Nominee Elliott Gould (Gods voice) as well as acclaimed family screenwriter Ed Naha (Honey I Shrunk the Kids).

The producer reports that their film takes a unique approach to highlighting the humanity of Moses and displaying the power of God and that it is filled with high adventure and a gentle sense of humor.

The film is being distributed by Promenade Pictures; a full-service production, distribution and marketing company specializing in the distribution of theatrical motion pictures and home entertainment.

We at Promenade are extremely proud to present The Ten Commandments as our first motion picture release,

declares Frank Yablans (former president of Paramount and former CEO of MGM/UA), chairman and CEO of Promenade Pictures.

Promenade Pictures is in a unique position to facilitate the production and distribution of quality values based entertainment to families worldwide. Not since the young Walt Disney and his brother Roy had a similar vision in 1938 has an opportunity like this been present.

Promenade Pictures President and COO Cindy Bond said,

We are thrilled to finally bring The Ten Commandments to life in an epic way the entire family can enjoy together. We are also excited to bring families a movie that will help them learn ten of lifes most important lessonsthe Ten Commandments.

Yablans added,

Not since my years working with Walt Disney have I been so happy to bring motion pictures to families. I truly feel that we are helping accomplish Gods work in bringing stories to film that will make a difference in the lives of people.

Los Angeles based Motive Entertainment, which directed the grass roots marketing campaigns for Mel Gibsons The Passion of the Christ, the Tom Hanks/Robert Zemeckis film, The Polar Express and the record breaking Walden Media/Disney epic movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, developed and is maintaining extensive marketing for the film. The grass roots campaign for The Ten Commandments, spearheaded by Schirmer includes nationwide screenings and endorsements with key leaders, promotional materials, publicity, radio promotions and Internet.

Motive Marketing is proud to be working with Promenade Pictures on the grass roots marketing for The Ten Commandments and the Epic Stories of the Bible franchise,

said Richard J. Schirmer, Partner at Motive Marketing.

We are especially excited to be working with Promenade on The Ten Commandments, having realized how much education is still to be done about the Ten Commandments from the Bible. Were really looking forward to working on such a terrific family film, but were just as happy to be bringing about awareness and literacy of the Ten Commandments to leaders and families worldwide.

Additionally, Virginia based In Service America is handling the national church outreach program for the film that includes telemarketing, direct mail and local leader screening events.

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3 Responses to “Promenade Pictures releases “The Ten Commandments”—the first of 12 feature films in their “Epic Stories of the Bible” franchise”

  1. craig st. john Says:

    hi promenade pic’s!! hope i can FINALLY get some, questions answered!! one is, did your company, make on dvd (the flood) movie? that on the inside of the “ten commandments” dvd. had a flyer, said (the flood-coming to theaters/spring/2009) so is it out on dvd yet? & if so how come a lot of us can’t find it? plus any more old & new testament animated movies like TEN COMMANDMENTS being made soon? let us people know thanks!! LOVE your animated movies!!!

  2. william bitetti Says:

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    In each of my novels I try to get people to look to God for the answers to their problems. It’s not easy to write Christian International Thrillers. Yet, by showing the stark contrast between the lives of both the Christian and non-Christian characters in my novels I hope to pique the curiosity of those unregenerate skeptics and sinners to Jesus.

    Presently, I’m offering a free promotional audio, or e-book, download of my most recent novel Devilish Little Flying Machines at my website. It’s a drone thriller – a harbinger of things to come…

    I hope we can work together in the future.

    Bill Bitetti

  3. Linda Says:

    Have yall done anymore of these movies?
    We have the 10 commandments. Even though yall don’t stick to the full accuracy of what was put into the movie, it was still a very well done movie. We enjoy it very much. We watched it 4 Times today, lol.
    Thank you.
    God bless yall.
    Forever dependant on His Mercy&Grace,
    Linda Evans