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7th Street Theater

7th Street Theater, the first ever prime time, weekly, Christian drama series on a national television network in the history of broadcasting, has now begun airing on TBN. Christian film producer Dave Christiano said, I saw that there was a tremendous need for Christian drama on the airwaves. If you turn on a Christian television network in prime time, you will not find any dramatic shows, and so I wanted to offer something that had a direct message for Christ and was dramatic entertainment at the same time.

While the names of cast members won’t ring any bells for most viewers, series producer Christiano emphasized that they turn in top-rate performances. This is an extremely talented group of actors, he said, who play a number of different characters within the series. Its a unique format that allowed the actors to display their abilities and as a result, present characters I feel strongly viewers will enjoy watching.

Cast of 7th Street TheaterThat talented cast of regulars on 7th Street Theater includes Josh Gaffga, Hugh McLean, Johanna Jowett, Stacey J. Aswad, Shane Willimon, and Jack Kelly.

The half-hour series consists of 24 already produced original episodes in the first season. A second season begins production in April. Christiano noted that the weekly drama series, the first of its kind on Christian television, is debuting on one of the worlds largest television networks. TBN is a worldwide stage and a great number of people will be able to receive the program, he said. Im very pleased about that.

Scene from One Lucky Lady. 7th Street Theater

Jack Kelly and Johanna Jowett

Susan Zahn, an expert in faith-based media, noted that there is an ever-increasing demand for all types of family-friendly and inspirational programming. 7th Street Theater is an example of the clean, quality television that is being produced to fill that demand, she said. And TBN is taking the lead in getting these shows to largest audience possible.

Two actors now residing in Los Angeles, Stacey J. Aswad and Jack Kelly, were cast in leading roles as series regulars. As well as playing the role of Andi in the series, Stacey is the host for Walt Disney Worlds theme parks infomerical that airs 24 / 7 in Orlando, states Christiano, and shes also the lead female in our love story, Me & You, Us, Forever coming to theaters February 15th, 2008. The girl has diverse talent and a sparkling personality which comes across sincerely in her work.

Jack Kelly moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue a ministry to people in the entertainment industry. He is a natural actor, said Christiano, and his ability really shows in episode #7 entitled, One Lucky Lady. Its an episode that deals with purity before marriage and Jack brings it home with a very special and touching performance.

Josh Gaffga in 7th Street Theater series

Actor Josh Gaffga

Im excited about the uncompromising message, said actor Josh Gaffga. The gospel is presented and a strong story is told that has substance to it.

Johanna Jowett

Johanna Jowett

Actor Hugh McLean adds, Once a person starts watching and gets into the content of the show, there is some life-changing truth. You can watch a Christian program, and not feel preached at, but learn some life lessons and be entertained at the same time.

One episode is named Movie Star where Kelly (Johanna Jowett) dreams she is the worlds most famous actress. Its an Emmy award winning performance by Johanna in that episode, states Christiano. And I dont say that with any false hype.

7th Street Theater can be seen on TBN every Saturday at 8 p.m. (PST). To find out more about the show, see the official Web site:

For more information on Dave Christiano, go to: