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The movie “Thr3e” is based on the bestseller of the same name by Ted Dekker. It is a thriller marketed as a horror movie, and it is getting terrible reviews from secular outlets. I will explain what I think is the reason for those poor reviews later in this review.

The basic plot of “Thr3e” involves Kevin Parson, a seminary student (Marc Blucas); Jennifer Peters, a police psychologist (Justine Waddell); and Samantha Shears, his childhood friend (Laura Jordan). Parson is both hunted and haunted by a voice from his past as Peters tries to solve two series of crimes which may or may not have two separate criminals.

“Thr3e” opens in a seminary classroom in which the discussion introduces the theme of the movie: mans life-long struggle against evil. If I remember correctly, Professor Francis asks “Who said Evil is the blemish of our species that will not spare any man?” A student incorrectly answers “Freud,” and the professor rejoins with a smile, “Freud is not my favorite moral philosopher.” The correct answer is Kant, and it leads to subsequent discussions of being evil, doing evil, and struggling with evil. [more]