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Copyrighted, The Work of the People

Producer Travis Reed and Justin Hyde (an Elder at Ecclesia Church in Houston, Texas and contributor to Thomas Nelson’s The Voice Bible) have founded a new Houston-based media organization called The Work of the People. Reed explains, “The Work of the People is defined by its name. We are a community of artists, storytellers, filmmakers, poets and theologians. Our work is to tell the story we share and to ask poignant questions through film, literature, art and music. We utilize our gifts to create tools for the Church to engage universal spiritual issues through progressive media. We confess that we are created in the image of God and fulfill our calling by creating and recreating to the glory of God.”

Copyrighted, The Work of the PeopleCopyrighted, The Work of the People

Many churches today incorporate video projection into their weekly services. Reed reports on his ambitious video production schedule which aims to help enrich worship experience of many congregations,

We have a bunch of new product lines coming out, but one were especially excited about is our new Visual Liturgy filmsproducts inspired and shaped by the events of the Church calendar and the Scripture texts of the Revised Common Lectionary. We will create new Visual Liturgy pieces weekly. These films are contemplative pieces that reflect on Scripture and help create a time of meditation in preparation for worship, during Communion, before, after or during a sermon, or even as a benediction at the close of a service. These films can be used in many ways; the goal is that they would promote focus and reflection on the Word of God.

Visit their new Web site to view sample videos and see prices: