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The Visitation

The Visitation based on the best-selling spiritual thriller novel by bestselling author Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness, Hangman’s Curse) and the creative minds of producers Ralph Winter (“Fantastic Four”, “X-Men”), Joe Goodman and Bobby Neutz (“Hangman’s Curse,” “Thr3e”), releases to theaters in 32 cities on January 20th. “The Visitation,” marks the second collaboration between Fox Home Entertainment, Namesake Entertainment, and Total Living Network.

The Visitation” exemplifies the latest trend in filmmaking where the message of the movie is told in a powerful story with spiritual undertones. Hollywood has discovered that this niche is proving to be both popular and profitable. Peretti’s supernatural thriller tells the story of a mysterious stranger (Edward Furlong) and his three associates, who arrive in a small town and perform miracles on those who would follow. Who is this charismatic drifter the townspeople have chosen to follow? Is he the true messiah, a false prophet or something far more sinister? Its up to an ex-minister (Martin Donovan) to confront his own inner demons and unlock the shocking secrets of evil before time runs out.

Featuring an all-star cast including Edward Furlong (“American History X,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”), Martin Donovan (“Insomnia,” “Saved!”), Kelly Lynch (“The Jacket,” “Charlie’s Angels”), and country music superstar Randy Travis (“The Rainmaker,” “Texas Rangers”). I hope a lot of people would go to see this movie and literally be changed. states Veteran Grammy Award Winner, Randy Travis, starring in the role as a faithful preacher.

“The Visitation” marketing campaign is targeting both Christian and secular audiences. Namesake and TLN are partnered with Fox Home Entertainment and Family Christian Stores for the retail DVD. Mass mailings of promotional materials including Bible Study Guides, posters and postcard-size flyers were mailed to churches and consumers.

Total Living Network has been working in partnership on this production for over 2 years. We are pleased and excited to be part of this dynamic team. It is our objective to produce mainstream feature films with strong redemptive messages that reach national and international audiences inside as well as outside the faith community states TLN President and CEO, Jerry Rose. TLN’s mission is to direct people to Christ and to provide resources for a vibrant relationship with Him through the electronic communications media. Mr. Rose believes this philosophy led the organization to invest in this type of movie in the broad general market. Mr. Rose explains: We are grateful for the opportunity to work together with others who are carving new paths for Christian film, television and video. TLN is committed to producing content from a biblical worldview that is relevant and compelling enough to appeal to the mass audiences in theaters, television, cable, and retail distribution, he adds. “The Visitation” is hoped to be a powerful and startling film that strikes a redemptive light into the dark world of hopeless, false religion. The film has received the Dove Foundation approval with a rating of four Doves and is rated PG-13. The Visitation releases to selected theaters in 32 cities.

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