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Hoping to attract Christian viewers to the theaters, Sony Pictures has released a morally-positive, faith-based drama featuring Grammy award-winning Christian musician and author Michael W. Smith. “The Second Chance” is a film about two Christian pastors—one from a white church in the well-to-do suburbs and one from a black church in the inner-city projects. Although founded by the same man, each church manifests its mission in a very different way. This film tells the story of how a rebellious son and a street-smart pastor struggle to bridge the gap between their respective churches and cultures. At its core, “The Second Chance” is about being willing to step outside your comfort zone and serve where you are called.

Christian author and speaker Tony Campolo is very impressed with the film,

To say that I enjoyed the film is a vast understatement. I resonated with what I saw in this great piece of work. Anyone who has ever had a ministry in an inner city over an extended period of time, has encountered just about every one of the situations that came out in the film.

Radio host Janet Parshall (“Janet Parshall’s America”) called it a film that will take you out of your comfort zone and into some deep thinking about why Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America. Be prepared to have your heart touched and your life changed.

However, it appears that theatrical release will be limited, showing in 87 U.S. theaters during the first week.

“The Second Chance” was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, by Ruckus Films, and written and directed by first-time feature film producer Steve Taylor (48). Taylor is better known as a Christian musician and music producer, described as energetic, satirical and often misunderstood. Before becoming a Christian Rock star, he was the lead singer of the secular rock band Chagall Guevara. Previously, he directed a number of music videos which have received recurring airplay on major music networks, including VH-1 and MTV. A fan site for Taylor can be viewed at: Taylor first publicly showed “The Second Chance” at the 2005 Biola Media Conference, where he also spoke. He is currently producing a feature-length documentary called “Kabul 24.”

See our movie review page to learn much more about “The Second Chance” and read the somewhat mixed viewer reactions.

Over his twenty-year career, Michael W. Smith (who plays Ethan Jenkins in the film) has amassed an impressive catalog of achievements. His 18 albums have garnered multiple honors including an American Music Award, 3 Grammy Awards and 40 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. In addition, he holds 13 Gold and 5 Platinum albums and has been named one of People Magazines Most Beautiful People.

In addition to being a celebrated artist, Smith has scored film projects and written 11 books. His tours consistently rank among the largest in the country, and he has performed to capacity crowds throughout the world. Constantly giving back to the community, one of his current projects is Rocketowna nightclub for teens located in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. “Healing Rain,” Smith’s 18th album was released in October 2004.

In his charitable endeavors, Smith goes where duty calls, mixing with influential leaders and urging relief for hurting people. It may be to New York City to perform his patriotic “There (She Stands)” for the President of the United States at the Republican National Convention, or to the West Coast to spend time with friend and “The Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel. It may be traveling to Ecuador on one of this many trips as a spokesperson for the child development organization Compassion International. Or, to Philadelphia, in the shadow of Independence Hall, standing with U2s Bono launching the ONE campaign, the latest effort by DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) to save Africa from its AIDS epidemic. What matters today to this musician, husband and father of five is working faithfully to show hope to a turbulent world.

Smith is married to Debbie Smith, and they are the proud parents of five children.

Jeff Obafemi Carr plays the part of Afro-American pastor Jake Sanders in “The Second Chance.” He is a multi-faceted artist with expertise in acting, singing, writing, producing and directing. A former commentator on the nationally syndicated “The Tavis Smiley Show,” he is now a regular roundtable member on the National Public Radio Program News and Notes with Ed Gordon. He is a Nashville native and popular public speaker and performer. He is also a licensed minister who writes his name in lower-case as a gesture of humility. For more information, visit his official website at

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