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Day of Miracles.

The nonprofit Miracle Films has announced the DVD release of its short docudrama Day of Miracles in Christian book stores worldwide. The producer reports that the film has been awarded two film festival awards as well as the Dove Seal and Movieguide approval. It will be telecast during the Christmas holidays worldwide on various American networks (including TBN, Sky Angel, Cornerstone, Faith TV, Ilife, Victory Network, and Daystar), and Spirit Television broadcasting into Lebanon and Vision Norway in Norway.

Day of Miracles is a 2005 release about a few of the September 11, 2001 true-life-survivors in the New York Twin-Towers tragedy. The film was shot on a HD24P (High Definition) camera through the courtesy of Panavision in Woodland Hills, CA. Executive Producer Richard Smith said The experience of working with the brand new technology HD24 Sony camera was amazing. We will be one of the first to broadcast digitally into theatrical theatres. This is absolutely the closest video camera to the film look that is available today.

The challenges lay in locations and how to reproduce what might have been the conditions under which the survivors were able to escape from the crumbling buildings. Some of the creative techniques used included shooting at Newman & Sons cement factory in Sunland, CA while sprinkling oatmeal on the victims with hair spray and utilizing wax for burn cases with movie blood donated by Cinema Secrets in Toluca Lake.

Producer Leslie Mc Ray said, We did not want to show the horrors or the political nature of the 9/11/01 event but rather how God intervened even under the most terrible conditions. Even though the stars are the actual survivors of 9/11/01, the reenactments are portrayed by some Hollywood notables including: T.J. Meyers, who co-starred in Intolerable Cruelty, Impossible Heist and Whos Your Daddy, Brenda Epperson and Kimberly Estrada both veterans of The Young and Restless and Million $Baby, Bryan Brightcloud, who is the direct descendant of Iron Eyes Cody, Lisa Hart Carroll, who co-starred in Terms of Endearment with Debra Winger and Alex Folk, Police Academy and National Lampoons Christmas.

The producer says that the primary reason for Miracle Films involvement in Day of Miracles was to demonstrate that Americans were united by this attack rather than being divided and defeated in spirit.

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