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Steve Huedepohl, owner of Creation Six Productions has just announced the DVD release of his first short film “Sarah’s Hope,’ a story about a 16 year-old girl named Sarah who lost her sister a year ago in a car accident. After traveling a fast and furious road with her boyfriend for the last year, Sarah is ready for a change. She meets up with a classmate whose defense of creation reminds Sarah of her sister’s faith in God. “Sarah’s Hope” is a heartwarming story of struggle, faith and redemption that provides real answers for life, and especially for those who have lost loved ones.

According to Huedepohl, who wrote, produced and directed the film,

Sarah’s Hope” was inspired by personal experience with teenagers and the passing of our oldest son in a 2002 car accident. It addresses a number of issues that teens and parents deal with every day.

As for his filmmaking aspirations, Steve says,

For many years, I have dreamed of making a movie. When the San Antonio Christian Film Festival came about, I knew I had to do it. The timing was perfect and I embarked on a project that would change my future. Lord willing, I plan to begin shooting a full blown, feature length film in 2007 that takes place in a university setting.

Huedepohl, who has been producing corporate video for 18 years and has an engineering background, has a passion for spreading the truth about the creation vs. evolution debate. He believes that the theory of evolution and the worldview that follows with it, including the removal of God from schools and the public arena, is a major contributor to the degradation of society and especially the hopelessness of young people today. He says,

Teens today, more than ever, need a solid foundation of belief that provides purpose and hope in life. Belief in the Creator God along with the promise of eternal life, provides that purpose and stability and not at the cost of true science. The scientific evidence we have points overwhelmingly to creation by a higher power. Even the basic laws of science, which were developed primarily by creationists like Isaac Newton and many others, say that evolution is impossible. But we have been saturated with this failed theory for so long, that most people just take it for granted, and the hopelessness that goes with it. If evolution is true, then there is no basis for morality and no hope for eternity. Thankfully, we can live a wonderful, fulfilling life looking forward to eternity through belief in Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe.

See our review of Sarahs Hope. If you would like more information on Creation Six Productions or the film, visit or