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Peter Lalonde of Cloud Ten Productions reports that their nationwide premiere of “Left Behind: World at War” in churches was “a great success,” with more than 3,000 churches showing the film, and reports flooding in telling us of people going to the altar and giving their hearts to Christ afterwards.

On October 25, Sony Pictures released the film for sale on DVD in stores throughout North America, including Wal-Mart, Target, Sams Clubs, Family Christian stores, etc. As you are probably aware, all of the studios have been expressing an interest in making their films more appealing to the faith-based
marketplace, said LaLonde. But that has not meant making Christian films. Instead, it has meant trying to find new ways to reposition their movies as family friendly or morally uplifting, thinking that this is what Christians are really looking for. Thats NOT the message were trying to send. With the Church Theatrical Premiers and the DVD sales afterwards, our message is a simple one. CHRISTIANS WANT CHRISTIAN MOVIES. That means
movies that make a clear presentation of the gospel. Movies that give viewers a clear path to salvation.

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