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Copyright, Messiah Productions.

Short film now available from Ontario-based Christian film company

“Fearfully & Wonderfully Made,” a short film about a Christian woman who struggles with her self-worth until God shows her the truth through a visionary look at His creation, is now available from Messiah Productions.

Designed for small group bible studies or cell group settings, this seven-and-a-half minute film explores the issue of negative self-image and offers hope and encouragement, especially for women.

Featuring a heart-felt performance by actress Trish Croteau, “Fearfully & Wonderfully Made” shows how Scripture can breathe life into a person, says Executive Producer Wendy Heuvel. Lack of self-worth can be a serious issue, even among Christian women today. This film shows God’s true heart. His true love for usHis creation.

The film was originally created to open the door for a future feature film production in the works, but after much positive feedback and testimonies by those who previewed the film, Messiah Productions decided to make the DVD available to the public.

If this film has the potential to help people grow closer and deeper with God, then I want everyone to be able to see it, says Heuvel.

The 7.5 minute DVD can be purchased through the Messiah Productions Web site at