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2005 CINEMA IN FOCUS FESTIVAL, The Santa Barbara Award for Excellence in film went to Jack Hafer for his moving film “To End All Wars”.

Following a showing of the film at the film festival, an award was given to Jack with his wife Betty by his side. Receiving a prism award, they highlighted the way light can become multifaceted in the wonderful art of cinema, both visually and spiritually. After the reception the participants continued to feast on the
articulate explanations of life and faith woven into this moving film, which portrays the horrific experiences of prisoners of war and their captors and the choices they made. Based on the book by Ernest Gordon, who became a believer in Jesus Christ and chaplain of Princeton for many years, Jack explained the decade long, sacrificial process of securing the rights and producing the film using the exceptional director David L. Cunningham.

The motion picture stars Kiefer Sutherland of the hit TV series 24. Read our review of “To End All Wars”.