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updated: Oct. 11, 2005

Ray of Light Transactions, the trade name of producer and Directors rep Brendon Derr, has focused on developing film ideas for the Christian contemporary/rock music fan base. Brendon has optioned the life rights of Christian rocker Jeremy Camp, whose life story has reportedly served as a powerful testimony to hundreds of thousands of his concert-going fans. Camp has had eight #1 singles in a row on the Christian charts, and has received the last two Dove awards for Male Vocalist of the Year. Camps work will also be heard on the new Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack.

Ray of Light is working on the development of a screenplay of Jeremy Camps story. Brendon believes, As studios continue to warm up to Christian content, this is certainly a story with distribution potential. Point to note, this is not a crossover film for the mainstream audience, but a call to battle film for Christians needing discernment in their lives as disciples of Christ. The possible premise: Hope Prevails Over Despair, or Victory comes through Surrender.

To learn more about Jeremy Camps life, see this Web address: 8430f7a71dd62c1f02efa8e689f

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