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Producers Sharon York’s (successful author and now screenwriter), Mitch Robbins (Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor), and Director Frank Dobbs (Director, Producer, Screenwriter of many movies and dramatic television series) have joined together to produce a new movie called “CLOVERLEAF.” The movie is said to contain a strong Christian theme and presents the story from a distinctly Biblical worldview. The producers report that this project is designed to reach both Christian and non-Christian audiences with the hope and good news of Jesus Christ through exciting and thought provoking storytelling.

Book cover.

The script is based on the novel The Twin Who Wins written by Christian author Sharon Yorks. The story revolves around the friendship between a girl, Cassie, and her small horse, Scooter. After being labeled losers, the two battle their way up the barrel racing standings. All Cassie can think about is making it to the National High School Finals Rodeo. But she has a problem. She and Scooter keep knocking over barrels and being penalized. Not only that but, her sister Kendra has teamed up with Cassies worst enemy, and they are leading in points.

As she battles her way to the top, Cassie is determined to do whatever it takes to become a winner. However, winning the Nationals isn’t the only problem in Cassies life. Her mother and father are in the midst of their own struggle. As past hurts and present problems threaten to break up the family, Cassie discovers what it means to be a true winner. More importantly, she gives her heart to Jesus and discovers that God really does take the hardships of life and turn them to good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

The producers are looking for qualified investors and endorsements for this new movie and the message that it contains. For more information, see Impact Pictures LLC –