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I’ve been involved in youth ministry for a lot of years. I got born again between my Freshman and Sophomore years and before I got born again I was pretty rough. I was into heavy metal and that sort of thing. Then when I got born again there were a lot of challenges that stem from that being in High School. I took a pretty radical stand in high school. Unfortunately, for a lot of kids that age, it is a passing phase because its not an easy decision at that point in your development. At the youth camp where I got saved at, all these other kids, a lot of them fell away. Then I went away to college and I worked as a counselor and also as a youth pastor. So, from what I saw: what I wanted to do with this film is give something to the kids [Read our interview article and movie review]

“Echoes of Innocence” opens in US theaters on September 9, 2005.