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opening in 2,900 U.S. theaters

Peruse a list of major studio releases for the Fall 2005 season, and you will find a film from a relatively new Christian director whose first major release was given the green light by Sony Pictures the weekend that The Passion of the Christ was released. Look again and you may notice its a horror film from the Director of Hellraiser: Inferno. [Read our interview article]

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment movie reviewer Dr. Kenneth Morefield says although he is encouraged by Hollywoods new interest in spiritual themes, hes not sure a film as secularly balanced as “Emily Rose” will truly interest the Christians that flocked to “The Passion….” I think the Christian audience is segmented enough and confirmed enough in their beliefs that the openness or ambiguity that the film tries to promote, so as not to put off secular audiences, will be one that Christian audiences won’t be very quick to embrace.